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Neolithic Revolution

The neolithic revolution changed how humans lived forever. The first revolution occurred over a span from 10,000 BC to 2,000 BC. Starting in the middle east spreading worldwide. The first revolution was the discovery of farming, previously humans focused on hunting animals and gathering plants berries and roots. Early humans discovered farming by following herds of animals that migrated to the same fields every year, noticing that every year there were new plants. Farming changed how humans live, from hunters following herds to know having villages and farms.

The first foods grown were rice and millet

Industrial Revolution

It is commonly called the industrial revolution due to the use of machines. Through 1700 to 1900 farming was advancing tremendously. Machines were invented to take the place of human labour. When machines were invented it sped up everything letting farmers to make bigger fields meaning more food which could support a larger population.

The invention of tractors and plows allowed for large fields.

Green Revolution

We are experiencing the green revolution. GMO's are a new thing in farming. Meaning we can know change the plant's DNA, making it resistant to pesticides and bugs. Technology is also taking over farming allowing for self driving tractors etc...

Modern day combine

Genetically Modified Organisms

We can know change the plant's DNA, making it resistant to pesticides and bugs. Also we can make the plant larger for a bigger yield. The bugs also build a resistance over time making a super bug that could possibly become immune.

Subsistence farming is farming for you and your family. Sustainable farming is farming for public health and human communities. Commercial farming is farming to sell.

Cows produce 7 pounds of milk per day

1 pound of wool can make 10 pounds of yarn

There are 47 breeds of sheep in the U.S

The longest recoreded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds


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