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Source One

Daly, Jennifer. "Stranger Things, Season 1." The Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Stories, 2016, pp. 172-175. Accessed 20 February 2017.

This article is an analysis on the first season of Netflix’s series, Stranger Things. The author criticizes and acclaims the actors as well as the story itself. In this article, Daly gives brief clues into the horrors of the villain team, Hawkins Laboratory, and specifically, the head of the team, Dr. Brenner.

Key terms:

Sinister: Dr. Brenner, the head of the team at Hawkins Lab is described as sinister, due to his torture of Eleven and his evil mindset.

Papa: Brenner is called “Papa” by Eleven. She calls him this because of the brainwashing he bestowed upon this child who doesn’t know of a real life as a normal girl.

Terrorism: The author of the article describes the actions of the Demogorgon as “terrorizing the town”, but the behind the real terror and the unleashing of the monster is Hawkins Lab.


“The opening eight minutes of the first episode are a contender for the most striking of any television series this year, beginning with the attack on a scientist by an unseen creature at a US Department of Energy lab in Hawkins.” (Daly 173)

“Modine convincingly conveys Brenner's sinister nature as the scientist in charge of operations at the lab where El,.. is held and experimented on, and where the monster is unleashed” (Daly 173)

“It is gradually revealed that El, known as Eleven at the lab, was taken from her mother when she was a baby and raised as a lab-rat by Dr Brenner.” (Daly 173)

The author’s motivation was to analyze the first season of Stranger Things. It is difficult to find information on this series because it is fairly new. Therefore, I chose this article to use as a source for my paper because it gives a great deal of information on the characters and storyline. When analyzing my villain, I plan to utilize the details about Dr. Brenner and his relationship with Eleven specifically.

Source Two

Hawkins National Laboratory, n.d, 20 February 2017. <>.

This web page is a fan based article sharing details about Hawkins National Laboratory itself. Although it is not peer reviewed, it gives a detail oriented character review on Hawkins Lab as a whole, which is not commonly found in other sources. The wikia article goes into detail about the background of Hawkins Lab and its connection to the CIA and the US Department of Energy. It also goes into depth about Eleven and Dr. Brenner, but also the rest of the team which usually isn’t mentioned.

Key terms:

US Department of Energy: This article links Hawkins National Laboratory to the US Department of Energy in Hawkins, Indiana. The website describes the structure of the building, the location, the funding, and its endeavors.

Russians: The original motive of the team was to use Eleven and other powers to spy on Russians due to the time period the show was set in. But, this motive quickly changed when they found a lurking creature instead.

Staff: This article names the rest of the staff of the lab besides Martin Brenner including Connie Frazier, a nameless lead agent, Shepard, a scientist without a name, the head of security, and Dr. Owens.


“was one of several national laboratories which grew out of the scientific endeavors of World War II.” (1)

“Dr. Martin Brenner was intrigued by a creature from another dimension encountered by Eleven while in the tank.” (1)

“Brenner gave [Hopper and Joyce] permission to enter the Gate to search for Will, believing their decision to be suicide and therefore unlikely to expose the laboratory for what it really was.” (1)

Even though this article is not peer reviewed and does not have a specified author, I believe it contains legit information that I will be able to use when writing my final draft. I chose to use this article because it is the only one that I have found to analyze Hawkins Lab specifically and names and includes all of the staff members. I will use this to analyze the lab and try to find more information about the time period and background of what the lab is based on.

Source Three

Kraus, Jeffrey. “Department of Energy.” Encyclopedia of American Government and Civics, Facts On File, 2008. American History, department of energy. Accessed 20 February 2017.

The history of the US Department of Energy is explained throughout this article, starting from its establishment to the present. It goes into detail about Cold War and the Strategic Defense Initiative and the Department of Energy’s responsibilities in competing with the Soviet Union. Ronald Reagan was the President of the United States during the 1980s when nuclear weapons were a large, growing threat. The article also speaks about the cleanup of nuclear waste and the problems that came along with it.

Key terms:

Nuclear weapons: The responsibility of the US Department of Energy during the 1980s was to make nuclear weapons

Cold War: A “battle” between the US and Soviet Union that was based on who could make the more powerful, threatening weapon, not based on physical combat.

Strategic Defense Initiative: A proposal to have a space based antiballistic missile system instead of stockpiling nuclear weapons.


“the department focused on energy development and regulation, reflecting the nation's concern with becoming less dependent on foreign oil resources.” (Kraus, “Department of Energy”)

“In the 1980s, as tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union mounted, the department shifted its emphasis to nuclear-weapons research, development, and production” (Kraus, “Department of Energy”)

“Watkins established the Office of Environmental Restoration and Waste Management.. to address the environmental risks and hazards that had been created by more than four decades of nuclear-weapons production.” (Kraus, “Department of Energy”)

This article is very helpful in my research because it explains the duties of the real Department of Energy, what Hawkins Laboratory was based on. It also clues me into what was happening in the United States in the 1980s in the government and in the department itself. I will use it to further my research in all of the happenings during this time and how it relates to Stranger Things.

Source Four

Litowitz, Douglas. Are Corporations Evil?, 2004. University of Miami. 20 February 2017. < 22Are+corporations+evil%3F%22)+and+date+is+2004>.

The title of this article explains what the article is debating. The debate of if corporations are evil or not covers large and small corporations as well as theories about their villainous. It mostly focuses on the problems in America and our government and economy. There are many theories and positions explaining what makes these companies evil.

Key terms:

“Anti-corporation” position: The position inferring that corporations follow the structure of corporate law which drives them to act immorally.

Abusive behavior: Corporate abuse includes unethical behavior in the workplace including environment, economy, and culture.

Inherently evil: There is a debate that all corporations are evil, whether large or small.


"Corporations make good people do bad things." (Litowitz 10)

"I know that it would be devastating to all of us, but I wish we would get caught.” (Litowitz 10)

“Were the recent scandals rooted in the structure of corporate law, or were they caused by basic human greed” (Litowitz 11)

I chose to use this article because it explains a lot about evil corporations as a whole and what makes them evil. I can relate this information to Hawkins Lab and how they are evil to the town of Hawkins and its citizens. With further reading, I can narrow the theories down to one that describes the evil of Hawkins lab.

Source Five

Ryan, Maureen. "Stranger Things." Variety, 12 July 2016, pp. 93. Academic OneFile, Accessed 17 February 2017.

Ryan’s article is mostly critic work. It delves deep into the details of the story, the actors and their roles, and the writer's’ motives. It mostly explains the setting of being in the 1980s time period.

Key terms:

Steven Spielberg: Steven Spielberg is an Oscar winning, acclaimed director. Stranger Things is based on some of his work, with specific references to “E.T.”.

Mysteries: The whole show of Stranger Things is revolved around mystery. One of the biggest mysteries of the show is the question of what Hawkins Lab really is controlling.

Government: Hawkins Lab is briefly described as a government run organization.


“large parts of it serve as an extended homage to the work of Steven Spielberg--especially "E.T."” (Ryan 93)

“Matthew Modine is effective as a mysterious man who appears to be involved in the odd things happening at a government research center at the edge of town.” (Ryan 93)

“This is genre entertainment that doesn't forget its title” (Ryan 93)

I chose this article because it talks a lot about the setting and time period of the show. It also talks about Steven Spielberg’s famous movie, “E.T.”, which is what the show is largely based on. This article will allow me to research this movie, other similar shows, and more about the eighties.

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