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How this digital page can help you....

This digital page is designed to help you get started on building you professional collateral online. From being able to build confidence in your communication in person to online. From collecting an image and turning it into a campaign or to be able to tell a story to reflect the world you live in. This guide is to be used and to get you thinking about the areas you need to develop.

Participatory Culture

You are part of the 21st Century and this means that you are more than likely participating socially online.

What you place online leaves a digital footprint and this ultimately say's something about you! What you talk about, how you talk about it and where you place it leaves this footprint for other other people to explore. Success with getting your voice heard is down to a number of things

The digital skills you learn now, will define your careers. You need to become a professional learner.

65% of children being born today, their jobs haven't even been thought of.- This is down to the advancements in technology. You are going to be part of this movement... And that's exciting!

It come sometimes seem overwhelming to start!

  • Communication- How well do you communicate? Are you confident? Do you know what you want to say?
  • Context- What are you talking about? Is it interesting?- This is sometimes the hardest part. Your next question is what format?
  • Technical ability- Understanding the hardware ( Cameras), Softwares (Photoshop/Premiere)- So that you can make content.
  • Online Platforms (Youtube/Wordpress/instagram/Vimeo)- Somewhere to place your content.
  • Networking- Knowing how to share the content on your chosen platform. #Hash-tagging, S.E.O?
  • Participation- regularly publishing, what it means to have a good 5K followers to a bad 35K followers.
Work on your #SELFIE- The first thing you need to do is work on your own communication skills.- You have to have confidence, empathy and listening skills. This tutorial will help you start...

You are your brand- What you put online represents your own personal brand and career identity.

Context- What are you wanting to talk about can sometimes be the hardest part. There has to be equal balance between the things that you are into and what is important to discuss.
Technical ability- You need to develop your technical skills in being able to tell stories. Whether these are throw image, sound or written is down to you. You will need to develop your technical skills, which will therefore enable you to tell your stories... And tell them well.

Your Mac's come with softwares that enable you to tell these stories. It is down to you to learn the technologies and with a little guidance you will be well on your way. We use industry standard tools and your mac's allow you to work anywhere in the world... That's exciting.

Adobe Softwares

You have all the tools on your mac & online. All you need in an Adobe ID for Free to get online resources and streamline your workflow.

These links introduce you into some of the softwares that you maybe interested in learning as part of your course. Having an Adobe ID will also allow you to update your softwares on your macbooks

Want to set up a page like this or create a short animiation or marketing image? Then you need to use Adobe Spark.

Your have a portal in the palm of your hand..... You can communicate with anyone, anywhere in the world. What is stopping you?

Mobile Filmmaking

Introduction to Mobile Film Making- This video introduces you to some of the techniques to using smart devices for filming. If you want to find out more and develop your skills in this field click on the button below the video, to take you to a whole new "spark post" on mobile filming.

"“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.”- Brian Clark-

The Rise of the Blogger

Even though this short documentary focuses on the area of 'fashion' you can take context from this in the sense of how blogging came about.

Wordpress.org & Wordpress.com- The difference.-

Its important to know the difference between the difference between .org & .com wordpress, this video explains the differences. When setting up a blog you have to make the right choice for you and only you can make that choice. Here are some videos and choices that will help you.

Webhosting and Wordpress.Org.

Please research you own hosting options recommendations are made by the Youtuber publisher, not the author of this page.

Other options & simplified functionality.

If you want to invest in a domain- Squarespace has an affordable package and is simplified to use. This video tutorial explains the step-by-step process of setting up your blog site.

Not into having a blog page? Well why not go one step further and have a Youtube channel.

Youtube is another way for share your films and become part of a community. From opening an account to thinking about making it successfully these videos should give you a head start!

Why You Have No Audience.

Other Platforms. There are so many platforms that you can share on. You just need to consider the image you are sending out and the community you are engaging in.

If Linkedin and artist were to have a baby- Behance would be it! Network with other creatives.

Linkedin- Largest Biggest Proffesional Network

NETWORKING- So you have written your blog, made your video, got some shots now how do you get the message out?

How to Network and document creatively

Its less about the life that you live and more about the creativity you document- Alex Beadon. ( Kick-ass business entrepreneur and blogger.)
Instagram! Be Creative with your life! Project outwardly.

How to #TAG......

Using Instagram to find a place in your image community.

Become a social butterfly. Choose a platform and start telling your stories.
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