Step by step: Creating pathways to the future

Stepping Stones, serving children from preschool through kindergarten who are experiencing speech and language delays, provides an intentional, systematic and multi-sensory approach to learning. At Stepping Stones, language-rich relationships and experiences form the foundation for each child's academic success.

Teach, learn, grow.

At its core, Stepping Stones is about deep connections - and every adult guiding each child to express their thoughts and ideas with confidence.

Stepping Stones' teachers and clinicians - who have advanced degrees, training and expertise - collaborate to ensure each child thrives academically, emotionally and socially.

Highly-qualified Masters-level speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and educational specialists as well as assistant teachers engage children in age-appropriate educational experiences based in the current science of child development, and unique to each individual learner. Step by step, children learn to seek, question and grow. And along the way, they feel supported, loved, and known.

Start early.

The early years are the most important time for brain development.

Through nurturing, supportive bonds with the children in their care, Stepping Stones' educational teams inspire children of Stepping Stones to shape their rapidly growing brains to develop the speech, language, fine motor, gross motor, school readiness and critical thinking skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

The learning path:

Stepping Stones children are taught speech and language skills - and are guided to develop critical thinking and empathy - as a foundation for literacy.

Through developmentally-appropriate approaches, teachers support the reading brain's phonological awareness, alphabetic knowledge and print awareness skills. Children are also taken through math concepts and enhanced problem-solving skills to develop the understanding needed for more complex mathematical ideas.

By the end of a Stepping Stones year, students have blossomed into a community of learners - excited to think, play and solve together.

Atlanta Speech School

Stepping Stones is one program of the Atlanta Speech School, which has evolved over its 83 year history to become one of the nation's most comprehensive centers for language and literacy. In addition to the nearly 400 children on campus, another 1000 individuals of all ages are served through our clinical programs.

The mission of the Atlanta Speech School is to help each person develop their full potential through language and literacy, so that each child has the tools to decide their own future cofidently, empathetically and thoughtfully.

Katherine Hamm Center, for children who are deaf or hard-of hearing, develops language and pre-literacy skills through listening and spoken language in family-centered programs for children from birth through Pre-K, including preschool for ages 2-5.

The Kenan Preschool is for preschoolers who are ready to form a pre-literacy foundation. Kenan teachers prepare typically developing children for all future subjects in a fun, engaging and rigorous environment.

For bright children with dyslexia, the Wardlaw School provides language and literacy-based instruction serving students who are elementary-aged through sixth grade for specialized instruction across all fields of study so they can go on to excel in traditional classrooms.

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