Colonial Farming By : Eric Li

Did you know? .....

- When the colonists arrived at America, America was covered with forests. The Native Americans taught the colonists how to solve this problem by : first strip of a ring of bark, causing the tree to die( a tree's bark is like a humans skin). After the tree dies, plant some crops around the tree( the trees nutrients go in the soil around it( if your asking:"how will the plants get sunlight?" The sunlight goes though the leaves.)). After several years cut the tree down for firewood.

-the 3 sisters(corn,bean, and squash) tend to cooperate like sisters; the beans put nitrogen in the soil, the corn provides a support for the beans to grow on and the squash keeps weeds and small animals(squirrels, chipmunks, etc.) away.

-Planter families in the 1600's grew rich from selling plants( tobacco, rice, indigo, etc.). So they would move into fancier homes and got more land.

- Average families in the 1600's had 20-40 slaves. But richer families had hundreds of slaves. Why did they have slaves? They had slaves because they thought whites were better than blacks. This is why the slaves did the work (farming, cooking, etc.)

- New England colony soil had very bad farming soil and to make things worse, the long winters killed tons of crops. But strangely, farmers could still get enough food for their family and sometimes extra.

-If for whatever reason you had to live in a colony, live in a middle or southern colony. This is because the middle colonies had lots of food (Wheat, Barley, rye, and corn) and the southern colonies had easy lives ( because of Slaves) and were plentiful in food( by trading tobacco, rice and indigo).

indigo plant
Rice plant
tobacco plant

-the colonists raised beef, dairy and oxen cattle, horses, hogs, sheep, and poultry.

- the colonists had to use muscle power (and animal power) to power tools.

-When I say "first thanksgiving", you probably thing about large turkey, mashed potatoes, squash, corn, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. This is inaccurate.

-in 1775, over 2,000,000 people lived in the 13 colonies. That's over 1,600,000,000 potatoes consumed a week!


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