Doctors without Borders // Medecins Sans Frontieres "practicing medical humanitarian action is about helping strangers; people you have never and may never see again. It is an act of protest against the suffering of others.." - Jason Cone, MSF-USA executive director.

Summary: Doctors Without Borders: Humanitarian Quests, Impossible dreams of Medecins Sans Frontieres.

Introduction to Renee Fox's previous works including Experiment Perilous: Physicians and Patients Facing the Unknown (1959), and how she incorporates anthropology and social psychology into her sociological research. The article then goes into what Doctors without Borders and when it started. The article is composed of excerpts from the staff members throughout Fox's journey with MSF. It really summarizes the different perspectives between volunteers and doctors. This article also focuses on the reason why Fox was so drawn to studying MSF. She really liked the idea that people involved with MSF wanted a real change in not only the health care system, but also improving the lives of the people they come in contact with. The article touches on the focuses of Fox's studies including Greece, South Africa, and Russia with each country focusing on different medical concerns specific to that country.

"... by the simultaneously realistic and idealistic way in which its members saw 'the world as it is' ... while energetically 'refusing to let go of its vision of the world as it ought to be.'"
Structure: Review Essay on Renee Fox's book. Starts with introduction on Fox's background and transitions into Doctors without borders and her interest with MSF. The article then uses different anecdotes of the different countries she's been in. The review also contains quotes from different people part of MSF. The article concludes with open ended questions about Doctors without Borders.

1. Opens with a quote that uses pathos. "It 'changes our life,' just as it may shatter us completely..."

2. Article's use of ethos. "The long distinguished career of Renee Fox..."

"...there are things in this world that are simply unacceptable: people suffering and dying, mostly because they were unlucky enough to be born in places where there are no infrastructures..."

3. Using staff experiences to personalize the article.

4. Ineffective: More detail on what happened with MSF Greece and why there was an expulsion from the organization.

5. Open ended questions. Enticing the reader to go on and read Fox's original book.

Recommendations to prepare for the job market. MSF is also a competitive organization to be a part of. Second languages are highly preferred along with a genuine care for humanity.
Civil Engagement: MSF/Doctors without Borders are advocates for their patients. Giving a voice to those who don't have one.


Created with images by #ISurvivedEbola - "Six-year-old Ebola survivor Patrick Poopei of Liberia and a Doctors Without Borders staff member" • DFID - UK Department for International Development - "An MSF health worker examines a malnourished child"

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