Ten technology troubles

computer is to slow.find the problem or try restating or go on to the internet and find a video.

donwload take for ever.try a speed test with your friend and see if your is slower.If it is it that try making sure your donwlaod is ok.

my machine keep restarting.Check if your internet is going find or check if your video card is going find.

pop keep coming up on there onw.your computer has installd a thigh there make it come up or just try restading it.

my wifi keep disconting.it minght be your roughter or the weater.

my priter wont work. your priter need to be update and your stadis is not good.

i cant get in my emails.it your sofrware need to be open.

my phone wont work. try go in the phone store or go on line.

my table wont work. try turing it off or change it.

my tv wont work and it does ture on.make sure that it is plug in.

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