Nazi Germany By Iman, Mahmoud and Younes

What Was The Type of Government

  • Totalitarian Dictatorship is a form of government, where a country is ruled by one person who forces his way to power, and ensures that the person’s power remains.
  • In a Totalitarian dictatorship, all of the power is only in 1 person.
  • In this case Germany was led by the Nazi party, and the Nazi party was lead by Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was originally voted as chancellor but eventually, he became a dictator.
  • Hitler was not fair to the people. He alone ruled the country and that is what made him a dictator. So even though Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were voted for by the people, the Nazi Party developed into a Dictatorship because Hitler was not fair to the people.

What Was The Life Of The People Like?

  • The Jewish Germans were taken to concentration camps.
  • The people in Germany were fairly happy but the natives of the countries that were conquered by the Germans did not get to eat anything except bread and anything else they could find. The life of the Jews in the countries they conquered was very bad, because they were sent to worse concentration camps. Roads were guarded with Nazi soldiers and the people had no freedom.
  • Jewish people were subjected to a lifestyle of fear, and starvation. People were not allowed to leave the country if they were caught trying to escape they would be killed. Most Jewish people were sent to concentration camps where they would be killed or tortured.
Nazi Officers
The Nazi German flag, Hitler saluting in his car

Was There Freedom In The Society?

  • The Jewish people in the country were not free at all, because the Nazis believed that it was the Jews fault that Germany lost in World War 1. The other people, who were not Jews, were not allowed to say anything negative against the Nazis in public. There was no freedom. All of the Germans lived in fear and they could not access many things that others could such as butter and sweets. Germany as a whole was not free, especially the Jews.
  • There were no pleasures. There was fear of LIFE, starvation, and death. People were not allowed to leave, they were not allowed to be Jewish and they were killed for being Jewish, even the non Jewish Germans were scared of Hitler’s plans.

Was the Conflict Resolved? How?

The Germans and the Russians made a pact that made Russia and Germany split up the countries that they conquered. In June 22nd, 1941 the Nazis marched into Russia, which did not follow their pact. The Germans were not used to the cold of the Russian winter and they were low on supplies, therefore most of them froze to death. This was a very big mistake for Germany. Now they were low on supplies and soldiers in Russia and they now had one less ally and one more rival.

On December 7 of 1941 Japan attacked Pearl Harbour, Japan attacked the Harbour because they wanted to stop the US Navy Fleet from infiltrating or destroying the Empire Of Japan. The battle was started at 7:48 AM Hawaiian time. Japanese fighter, Bomber, and torpedo planes were to destroy everything they can find. 2, 403 Americans were killed, 1, 178 others were wounded. This action led the Americans to enter the war. All 8 of the U.S Navy ships were damaged. This action was a mistake for the Axis powers ( Germany, Japan, and Italy) this action persuaded the Americans to start the Manhattan Project.
In 1945 the allied forces, which now were now allied with Russia and included the U.S, were able to infiltrate Germany. This confirmed that Germany was about to lose this war. Hitler knew that if they lost, Germany would be in massive debt, (because they broke the treaty of Versailles that was made in the First World War; the treaty prohibited them from declaring war) so he in fear committed suicide. After Hitler committed suicide, America bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, this scared the German leaders. After Hitler came down from power and the Nazis got scared by the atomic bombs that were dropped on Japan, Germany surrendered the war in fear of being struck by the atomic bomb and because of this the Nazi party was no longer in power of Germany.
Jews hiding during Passover in Poland baking matzos

As and outsider, what can we learn from this?

  • We can learn that people that take power that actually have immense political intelligence, and that many political difficulties are caused by many groups of people like the Nazis, or by individual people like hitler.
  • The Nazis were a political party that the people voted for, we can learn not to trust everything politicians say, Hitler told his plans in a joking manner like a politicians do today. Hitler did this to make people laugh, and when he made people laugh with racist and prejudice jokes, they voted for him because he was different. He believed that the Jews were the reason that Germany lost the First World War which turned people against the Jewish Germans.
  • We can also learn that voting for the right person is important. The people voted for Hitler and eventually he became a dictator because he did not treat the people fairly and Jews were seen as the people that caused Germany to lose the First World War. Now we know the importance of good leaders. If the leader isn't a good one, the country will go through issues.
Germany then and now

Then and Now

Germany was not a free country in the 1930s and 1940s because it was ruled by the dictator Hitler. People were not given the proper care during the Second World War. Teenagers were also drafted to go to war, if they did not agree to go to the army they would go to jail or be executed. Germany then was ruled by the notorious dictator Adolf Hitler from the Nazi party. German children were not given the proper care that they need during world in WW2 the children were drafted and forced to the war. Anyone who did not agree to go to the army were executed. The people of Germany were not free and lived in fear. The Nazi’s guarded every block and Hitler stayed in power and no one could object.

Now Germany is a very peaceful and a beautiful country with 407.26 million visitors, including the 68.83 million foreign visitors. Germany is the 7th most visited country in the world, it is also a country with a medium crime rate. The German government now is a democracy. After Hitler’s suicide, the country became a democratic government and has stayed that way ever since.

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