Windshield Pro "The better road to go!"

Created By Samuel Martin, Ben Sykora, and Jordan Estridge

Windshield Pro is a windshield that is custom fit for your car, that has a fully gesture-activated transparent screen that makes the road clearer for you to see at all times. It has a wide-angle camera that can see everything on the road, even cars next to you. With fiber optic cables hidden in your windshield, the camera feed will be edited to be 10 times clearer, as well as having informational widgets that will feed you information such as your speed, suggested routes, weather, visual alerts, and a whole host of other things that you can customize to your liking. Infrared Lasers will be positioned to where you can setup your screen and widgets, but will be automatically turned off while driving for maximum safety.

The Infrared Lasers in the Windshield Pro are exactly what the U.S. Military uses to evade enemy detection.

Windshield Pro Helps!

It’s very hard to see at night when you're driving, even with headlights and street lamps on city streets, so this takes away all the glare from other cars headlights while making everything else clearer. It decreases the chances of you crashing into another car because it allows you to see an added benefit is it also allows for any information you might want. The windshield pro is needed to help those on the road see clearer and better than ever before whether it night or day the windshield pro helps if you're a late night driver. If you’re a cop on duty no more squinting for those license plate or cars just an easy way to see into the night. Trucks also don’t have the best windshields and any glare on those goes away with the windshield pro.

Created By
Samuel Martin


Created with images by voss749 - "100_0491" • Program Executive Office Soldier - "Target Reconnaissance Infrared Geolocating Rangefinder (TRIGR)"

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