My Ethnicity By: Cesar Guerrero

The meaning of Culture Definition to me

Cultural identify is what defines a person, what make you who your are, for example your religion, your social class basically what defines you in general.

I'm a Chicano which means I am a Mexican American

My Father comes from Nayarit, Mexico. My Grandma comes from Guadalajara. My Grandpa didn't move anywhere from Nayarit since he was born till this day. My Mother comes from Durango, Mexico as well as my Grandma and my Great Grandma pretty crazy right. Far as I know my Great Grandma was born and lived in Durango, Mexico but moved back and fourth from Durango to Sinaloa but is settled in Durango at the moment. Finally me i'am from Anaheim, California

The language that is most commonly used in my culture is Espanol. Since most of my family came to America at a young age they went to school here so they speak English very fluent. At parties you will mostly hear them talk Spanglish its what we call speaking in Spanish but throwing in some English words in the sentence.

In my family there isn't any physical traits passed down through the generations. We all look different from each other except for siblings, but cousins we all look different.

Chile relleno's is a very common plate that has been passed down in my family for generations. Out of my whole family my Abuelita makes them the best.

Mojarra Frita is a very common plate in my family, mostly cooked for a special occasion as a sign of celebration. Recently my something that will my family in a good way has happen and as a result we invited family over and cooked a fish.

Menudo is a very common soup that is eaten as breakfast or lunch. Some Tacos are good for a small lunch. For dinner its usually some rice and beans with some type of meat. As a snack some elote con chile is good.

There isn't any specific type of art found in my culture, but in everyone of my relatives house you will find some sort of picture or small figure of La Virgen De Guadalupe. Another thing found in my culture is a picture of flowers, but no real explanations to why we have so many of them found in our homes all they is "its a decoration".

The type of music you will find in my culture is a lot of banda music that makes everyone want to dance at party's.

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