Manager Acceleration Program 2021 Developing change agents

We provide the structure, tools, and support that gives participants' a new perspective and a fresh way of thinking — and keeps them on track to turn their goals into reality.

The Manager Acceleration Program: has 5 Key Ingredients:

1. Interactive Workshops: Our workshops feature compelling content, engaging activities, and interactive communication with the facilitators and participants on the program. This rich learning environment includes: sharing of information, learning new skills, and provides the opportunity for everyone to gain greater insights.

2. Coaching Sessions: Even the most committed learners struggle to implement new ideas, concepts, and frameworks into their day-to-day performance. The Coaching Sessions brings learning to life through scheduled coaching sessions that focus on the implementation of new concepts and ideas.

The coaching provides learners with the opportunity to apply their learning while being guided by the Engine Room coaches who help them tackle their toughest challenges head-on. The Engine Room coaching framework creates accountability and provides the opportunity to apply learning to each person’s unique circumstances.

3. Engine Room Online Learning Platform: access to the online learning modules provides participants with valuable learnings resources on current business issues, challenges and opportunities. The learning resources include: videos, articles, workshop slides, activities, worksheets and much more. Plus they experience 'insightful discussions' with other participants, via the comments section.

Participants are provided with the most up to date and relevant information that businesses need in these accelerating times. The learning modules are well structured and ready to view anytime and anywhere - access is available 24/7.

4. Business Improvement Project: by working on a business improvement project, participants are provided with the opportunity to make a significant difference in the business. This increases their sense of purpose, they feel valued and most importantly increases their confidence towards making better business decisions.

5. Reflection Sessions: the reflection sessions ‘opens the door’, to have a conversation with the business sponsor about what they have learnt. This deepens and consolidates the learning – because at Engine Room we know from experience - “to teach is to learn”.

Change Agents - Drive Positive Results

What is a Change Agent? The individual that undertakes the task of initiating and managing change in a business is known as a 'change agent'. Change agents can be managers or employees who focus on such matters as business effectiveness and improvement.

With the accelerating pace of change every business needs effective 'change agents' to help implement changes towards improvements and new concepts or ideas - and they achieve this by driving positive energy towards the change/s.

This is why the Business Improvement Project is an essential part of the program - to teach participants to be 'effective change agents', that leads to positive results.

Testimonials from Participants

"To Michelle Chafin and Glenn Taylor your programs are changing lives and I will continue to strive to be the best version of myself that I can be. I cannot thank you both enough for your support over the past 12 months. To all aspiring Managers and Managing Directors: If you want growth and improvement in your business, Engine Room can provide you the tools to achieve your goals. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to learn." Damien Kuklinski, Avtech.

“Coming to MAP workshops is one of the best days! At the end of the day, you just feel energised and refreshed, and you feel a brand new energy like you’re ready to go back and really do more for yourself and your team.” Kyle Seear, LD Total

Testimonial from a Sponsor

"Applying the Engine Room - Learning Journey Curve to individuals is revolutionary and incredibly impactful. This has been especially valuable for our emerging leaders and managers who now have a framework for not only their development but also for their team. Everyone now understands they are not only responsible for their own learning, but now have a way to think about how to manage the learning of every person they work with, especially those they lead" Ian Laws, Joest Australia

Who is this program for?

This program is designed for those who want to make a positive impact in the business - 'change agents'.

They have a strong desire to grow and learn in the business.

They are keen to drive change effectively - to get results.

They are inspired and motivated to work on a Business Improvement Project - to apply their learnings to make a tangible difference to the business.

Our breadth of business program design provides your team with everything they need to implement positive change and results in your business now and in the future.

In-Person Workshop

9 Workshops in the year

Full access to the Engine Room Online Learning platform

6 Coaching Sessions

Workshop Duration: 1/2 Day 8:00am - 12:30pm (a delicious morning tea provided)

Location: Technology Park Function Centre Bentley

Dedicated focusing environment

Immediate and personal connections

In depth conversations with other participants - which provides breakthroughs for 'best practice' decisions

Powerful sessions that create a monthly 'drum beat' to take time to focus, think and reflect

Enter into a thriving community of 'change agents'

Workshops - 9 Topics

The sessions follow a learning journey that builds, knowledge and confidence topic by topic; as each topic is composed of concepts, methodologies, tools, and worksheets designed specifically for 'change agents'. The content adapts with the marketplace year by year, so they get what they need when they need it most.

The resources have been designed to stimulate ideas, provide insights, and generate new mindsets that leads to strategies for the pressing issues in the business right now. Plus, they'll leave each session with action steps to progress their Business Improvement Project


Energy and Mindset - creating a positive and constructive workplace culture

Communication - all life's a conversation, so let's do it effectively

Exceptional Customer Service - delivering a WOW experience for all customers!

Human Resources Management - managing people effectively to maximise productivity

Leadership - inspiring and motivating positive change throughout the business

Attracting and Maintaining Clients - building strong relationships with great customers (external and internal)

Systems Development and Process Improvements - to drive consistency, efficiency and effectiveness of product and service delivery

Meetings and Financial Dashboards - driving the business collaboratively via a clear financial understanding

Adapting to the Future - embracing the opportunities in a fast changing world

NEW Time Management and Project Management - this is weaved into coaching sessions. Learning to delegate effectively, working on the important priorities, developing project timelines.


Research shows that coaching, when integrated with a learning experience, can improve implementation of learning up to 400%

All coaching sessions are conducted by Engine Room facilitators and include:

The first coaching session is with the Business Sponsor - to discuss the participants commitment to the program, the business sponsor's commitment to the reflection sessions, and the support required for the business improvement project.

There are 4 x Group Coaching Session at the end of selected workshops | participants will have the opportunity to share ideas and keep each other accountable with their Business Improvement Project. They will be provided with all the resources, support, and coaching they need, that will help them achieve their project goals.

Engine Room Coaches facilitate a coaching session midway through the program. This is when participants are able to discuss their key learnings and the ongoing support they need to progress with their Business Improvement Project.

The final coaching session is with the business sponsor to review the Business Improvement Project, discuss the reflection sessions, and reflect on the skills they have gained throughout the program.

We encourage participants to learn, grow, and connect with other 'change agents' in the Manager Acceleration Program.

This is accomplished by sharing ideas and supporting each other during the workshops and coaching sessions. Plus being an 'active' participant on the online pre and post workshops.

Engine Room Online Learning Platform

We do the research so you get to enjoy the learning. Providing you with relevant and inspiring business resources.

24/7 Online Access to the most essential tools.

With Engine Room Online Learning at their fingertips, they can tap into the resources they need - right when they need them.

What is a Business Improvement Project?

The most powerfully motivating condition people experience at work is making progress at something that is personally meaningful.

The project should pay off the cost of the program

Reflection is a key ingredient to our program.

Participants complete their reflection forms after each workshop and share their learnings with the Business Sponsor.

Reflection gives the brain an opportunity to pause amidst the chaos, untangle and sort through observations and experiences, then consider multiple possible interpretations, to create meaning. This meaning becomes learning, which can then inform future mindsets and actions. For leaders, this “meaning making” is crucial to their ongoing growth and development.

Presentation and Celebrations - at the end of the program, participants conduct a 10 minute presentation which includes: how they have used their new skills to make a positive difference in the business, how they progressed with their Business Improvement Project (challenges, obstacles and breakthroughs), what insights they gain from other participants on the program and how the program has made a difference to the way they 'now' work, and finally what positive changes has the program made to their personal development.

Framed Certificate of Completion

Lock-in Time for Learning and Growing

The program allows participants to lock in and protect their thinking and reflecting time throughout the year.

We believe in having dedicated time and space to disconnect from the whirlwind of business operations, so participants can learn and grow in this very challenging business world - is very empowering.

Be the first to take advantage of this opportunity with the Manager Acceleration Program for those in your business you want to grow in this rapidly accelerating business world. Make the most of it now!

Contact Us

To find out more about the program, or to register your team member/s please contact Michelle Chafin, Program Manager - michelle@engineroombi.com or 0458 691 299

Activities and Workshop Discussions with Other Change Agents