The Black Death By: Emily Gore

The Black Death was a very deadly plague that killed over 25 million people in the late 1340s.That would be about 1/3 of Europes entire population. The Black Death was a disease that spread all though out Europe.
The Black Death also known as the Black Plague spread all across Europe.
The Black Death spread by fleas on rats that would either bite humans or the flea(s) would jump on the humans skin. When the flea would get on their skin and bite them they would be infected with the Black Death. The Black Death would kill the humans in a few days after being infected.
The Black Death had many deadly symptoms. Some symptoms include chills, fever, general ill feeling, headache, muscle pain, seizures, buboes, difficulty breathing, internal bleeding, and coughing were all symptoms of the Black Death. When you had the Black Death you had a very slim chance of survival.
As a result of the Black Death people wanted jobs, so that they could earn money. Jobs were scarce. People who wee working wanted higher wages.


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