From the Eye of the Beholder 2016-2017

I personally like taking pictures on cloudy days best. The sun shines through the clouds to give everything a softer feel. The cloudy sky gives my subjects a less vibrant look, but still enhances its natural beauty. I chose plants as my subjects because I live in the woods, surrounded by beautiful scenery.

My name is Madeline Pupka, I am a senior at Oxford High School.

On the left, I have my original photo taken in my backyard around 3 pm. On the right is the adjacent photo edited as a kaleidoscope.
My picture (left) and the picture on the right both use framing. My picture, uses the cardboard frame to draw attention to the true focal point, the seashell.
These photos represent three different types of composition. The top left photo demonstrates symmetry. The top right photo demonstrates rule of thirds. Finally, the bottom photo demonstrates run off.
Here, I took a photograph of my dog and digitally edited it to make it look old. Personally, I feel the hands on tintype process has more merit, as the digital editing of the photo takes away the authenticity. Also, digitally editing it makes the photo look more fake. While it does look old, you can clearly see it was digitally edited.


Created with images by illustir - "Natural frame"

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