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"It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known” - Romans 15:20

We’re thrilled to announce that a group of generous supporters have enabled us to launch a matched funding campaign for 2019, To the Ends of the Earth.

The aim is to raise significant funds for international projects at the same time as building a broader regular support base.

Each month we will be sharing stories of how God is working through our ministry all over the world. This month we want to tell you about what's going on in Nepal.

The following are diary entries from one of our partners who pastors a church in Kathmandu. He has been supporting the growth of a village fellowship in the mountains for the last five years using Christianity Explored materials.

October 2017

Greetings from Kathmandu.

All the schools, colleges and governments offices were closed the last few days for the Hindu festival "Dashain".

It is really sad to say that people have been sacrificing hundreds and hundreds of animals in the temple to clean their sin but they don't want to know the mighty Lord Jesus who created heaven and earth.

On Saturday all our church members (110 people) praised and gave thanks to Him who shed blood to clean our sin.

We spent time praying as a church for one village in Salyan we have links with and would like to visit and support in 2018.

Five years ago, one student came to our church fellowship from this district. We asked about his village and God’s work in that area. He told us that there are 130 houses in that village and only his family is in Christ. He said no one wants to go there with the good news.

When we heard this, we started to pray for them. The first time we went was in 2016 with some Bibles, Christianity Explored copies and Christian hymns books. We spent two days with them, sharing the gospel and training those who were in Christ.

We encouraged our brother to leave Kathmandu to go back to his home town to serve these families in Christ.

He prepared to go back and we sent him and hope to support him in his ministry there.

January 2018

83% of our land is made up of hills and mountains. To win this country for Christ, we need to focus our evangelism in these areas.

Last Wednesday six brothers from our church and I went to visit the village in the Salyan district we have been praying for. The journey on the night bus takes 18 hours from Kathmandhu. The next day we climbed four hours up the mountain to get to the village. It was so cold!

When my right leg and right hand were broken in a motorbike accident in 2013, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to climb the mountains with God’s word to share the gospel. But our merciful Lord answered my prayers and made me better.

The last time we visited was in 2016 and there were six families in Christ.

When we arrived on Thursday evening, we did fellowship with some families. On Friday we visited the local area and we shared the gospel and prayed with people. Three families accepted the Lord Jesus as their saviour.

All glory and honor to our mighty Lord Jesus Christ.

On Saturday morning we helped Sunday school teachers with the lovely children. It was encouraging that there were 63 of them!

In the afternoon my brothers from Kathmandu led the worship service and I preached God’s word. It was such a blessed worship service - many new families joined in fellowship and the small hall was full.

On Sunday and Monday I led Christianity Explored. I was so encouraged that nearly 80 people joined.

People said it was the first training they had received in their Christian life. Praise the Lord!

May 2018

This morning I arrived safely in Kathmandu from another mission trip to Salyan.

During this visit we visited local houses, shared the gospel and prayed with people.

We also distributed school bags and stationery to the children. It is amazing that nearly 90 children now join the Sunday school classes.

When we gave out the school bags and stationery, there was big smile on the children’s faces. All glory and honor to our mighty Lord.

We also learnt from God’s word using Christianity Explored. I do feel so blessed when all the people from the church gather together to learn from God’s word.

After training people said:

“No one comes to this remote area to teach us God’s word and do fellowship with us. It is very useful training to understand God’s word.”

People in this village currently hold their worship services in a small house. They are requesting us to pray for a bigger place and a bigger church hall.

December 2018

I have been reflecting on God’s work in the mountain region of Salyan.

Since 2013, when we first met the student from the one Christian family in this remote village, we have seen God answer our prayers in an amazing way.

In these five years 65 families have now come to Christ out of 130. These families are worshiping in a small room and enjoying Christ.

This year (2018) we were able to visit three times.

On our latest visit in November we did fellowship with godly people and again we distributed stationery to Sunday school children.

We also learnt God’s word from Christianity Explored. People are so excited to hear God’s word. It is encouraging to us also.

God is amazingly blessing and people are coming to Christ in this village.

Please continue to pray for us and the Lord’s work in this nation.

To the Ends of the Earth

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