Feudal Japan's society By: Anna deleon

What customs keep structure in a society?


Religion was a big part of Japans society. They mainly practiced buddhism. there was two different kind Zen buddhism and Amida buddhism.Amida buddhism taught people that they could reach paradise. Zen buddhism taught people stress relief, logical thinking ,and elightenment. This means that people could have peace with themselves and also hope, when they are religous.This was also very important for the samurai because then they could feel safe and have peace when dieing if they were religous.

statue for Amida buddhism


Bushido meant "the way of the warrior". It was like a code of chivalry. It told the samurai to be honest, fair, and fearless. samurai were taught to be very loyal to the point where their lord would gladly sacrafice them selves for the samurai. They were also taught something called " ritual suicide" where they would kill themselves if ever captured in battle. This shows how if the samurai weren't taught this people may have not beleived that the samurai were trained enough and people may not feel protected. This could have led to Japan loosing attacks.

picture of samurai armor


Feudalism was a big part of the society for japan. They ranked based on this having shogun at the top, then Daimyo, samurai, and then peasants. They took care care of eachother, samurai protecting all and peasants providing food for all, and many more things.This system worked because it was fair. Without this they wouldnt be orderly. It shows how people liked this system because they were taken care of and protected.

japan's feudal pyramid
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