Jason Binkley Future Service member

In 4 years I would like to have been going on my 4th year in the service, I'm not entirely sure which branch of service I would like to enlist into, but regardless of what I choose I know I will do great, In 4 years I would like to be signing off my additional 4 year contract to equal eight years of service.

I am not at all interested in going into the guard, I am, however, interested in retiring into the guard.
One of the jobs I'm interested in is artillery, other jobs I'm interested in is a 15T Blackhawk Helicopter crew member, and I'd like to work towards becoming a pilot If I decide to stay in that long.

An alternate route I have been considering is to go to college after the service, and get into film, throughout high school my friends and I have banded together under the name "Hobo Commune" which has since become the name of our film group. The Hobo Commune has tapped into quite talented individuals abilities, and we have grown in a great direction because of this. I have always been passionate about creation, my entire life I have enjoyed sharing my work with people; to further this journey I would become a Public Affairs Officer (PAO) in the military, then I would go to school at Full Sail University, where another member of the Commune is planning on going.

No matter which option I choose, both careers are definitely within my reach, I have been on Full Sails list since I was 8 years old, setting up annual phone calls with them to the point where we call 2 times a month average. Ever since my ASVAB scores came back recruiters in the Medford/Central point have been contacting me for my enlistment into their branch. Whether or not I go to college, I need to join the service anyways in order to pay for it without being in serious debt.

I am very confident in my abilities at both career options, In my youth I have built myself up for both of these, ages 13-17 I was and Auxiliary Cadet in the Air Force Total Force, and I have been making short films since I was 10, growing dramatically in both areas. I believe to do what one loves is a life well lived, but also to know when to sacrifice your own freedom for something greater.

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