New turf BY MALENY

Carlos Varela, Its a great feeling knowing that you are getting new turf and everything because it means that i am going to be one of the first ones as a football player to try out the field. its affecting me in a good way makes me and the team want to play even better for this upcoming year.
Julio Garcia, i think its great that we are getting a new turf because honestly we as soccer players and the football team uses it a lot and it is very important when we are playing. It doesn't really affect me i think its better to use something that is better than something that is old that can cause injuries.
Nathan Felix, i feel good, its good to now that we are going to get new stuff coming into next year especially because of the way we did the previous year which is we won district and i mean i think its going to be a great feeling to play on a new field. I think its going to affect us in a good way because getting new turf we always get more velocity of them and since last year and this year we've been slipping around in the turf that we have and well this year i am pretty sure we are going to do better.
Sergio Moreno, it pleases me the idea because the turf we have right now its really old and i like the idea of new turf. its affects me right now because i cant use that field and we have to go play soccer in a field that is in bad conditions.
John Moran, i feel that its cool that we get to get something new at the stadium because we've haven't had new stuff there in a while. it affects me by making me more hype for that games makes me want to play harder and give everything i have

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