Rivalry in the Northwest


1. The Oregon Country was a huge area located north of California, between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains.


2. In the early 1800's, four nations claimed the vast rugged land known as the Oregon Country.

Adams-Onis Treaty


1. In 1819 Secretary of John Quincy Adams got Spain to approve the Adams-Onis Treaty.


2. In 1818 Adams worked out an agreement with Britain for joint occupation.

Mountain Men in Oregon


1. Mountain Men trapped beavers and other animals for their skins to sell.


2. When the Mountain Men couldn't sell fur anymore they moved to Oregon to settle on farms.

Overtime the Mountain could no longer make a living by trapping.

What did America gain from the Adams-Onis Treaty?

It helped the Americans because than British people could come to America they can all stay together and than there could be more things coming up with.

Oregon and Manifest Destiny - Marcus and Narcissa Whitman

In the 1830's American started traveling to Oregon Country to settle. Economics troubles in the North drew many people to Oregon Country.

The first settlers were Dr. Marcus Whitman and his wife, Narcissa. They were missionaries who went to Oregon in 1836.

Along the oregon trail

The people that took the trail that were pioneers were called emigrants, people who leave their country to find more places to work.

The emigrants took prairie schooners which were wagons that had their supplies and went through the Great Plains.

America seeks it manifest destiny

Since Colonial times, many Americans had believed their nation's mission should be to serve as a model of freedom and democracy.

John O'Sullivan expressed in more specific words the idea of a national mission.

Fifty-four forty or fight

Lots of Americans wanted the United States to take over Oregon.

Democrats used the slogan "Fifty-Four Forty or Fight." They referred to the line latitude they believed should be the nation's northern border in Oregon.

How did Polk's views differ from clay's in the 1844 election?

Polk wanted to acquire Oregon, and Henry Clay did not take a strong position on the Oregon issue.

Statehood for florida and texas

How did Florida become a state?

Slavery was removed and President John Tyler signed the Florida statehood bill. Florida became the twenty-seventh state in the United States on March 3 1845.


Spain transferred Florida to the United States on July 17, 1821, Florida became an American territory.

Tallahassee became the territorial capital in 1824. It was located between St. Augsitine and Peinsacola

Many planters from Virginia, Georgia, and the Carolina's left there land for new land in Florida.

The territory grows

In 1837 the census for the territory of Florida reported that 48,000 people lived there. Enslaved people made up about one-half of Florida's population.

Florida voters chose 56 people to attend the constitutional convention in St. Joseph, a small port city on the Gulf Coast.

Statehood for florida

Florida became a state March 3, 1845 and was the twenty-seventh state.

What caused the population of florida to grow

Lots of people wanted to leave the states and come to Florida to plant crops because the states they were in couldn't plant a lot of crops.


In 1821 Mexico won independence from Spain. Mexico controlled the land that is now Texas.

At first, Mexico encouraged Americans to settle in Texas.

Americans greatly outnumbered the Tejanos in Texas.

the Alamo

The Texans only had about 180 soldiers while the Santa Anna's had thousands.

13 long days through several attacks the defenders kept the Alamo up until March 6th went Santa Anna's cannon fire smashed the walls.

The Mexican Army was to large to hold back. They entered the fortress killing all the defenders including Travis, Crockett, Bowie and a number of Tejanos.

texas declares its independence

On March 2, 1836 four days before the fall of the Alamo they declared independence from Mexico.

Houston gathered an army of around 900 and they killed more than 600 soldiers and captured about 700 soldiers and yelled "Remember the Alamo!"

the lone star republic

In September 1836 the Texans elected Sam Houston as their president.

Mirabeau Lamar who fought at the Battle of San Jacinto served as the vice president

texas becomes a state

John Tyler who became a president in 1841 supported Texas annexation.

In 1845 Texas joined the Union.

Why did it take a long time for the united states to annex texas?

It took a long time because of slavery.

war with mexico

How did the Santa Fe Trail benefit the New Mexico Territory?

It started independence.

The new mexico territory

This land called New Mexico was a vast region between the Texas and California territories.

New Mexico won its independence from Spain in 1821.

HOW did william becknell influence the american SETTLEMENT of new mexico

He influenced them by making the trail called the Santa Fe Trail it was a big improvement

Californias spanish culture

Spanish explorers and missionaries from Mexico settled in California in the 1700s

Mexico won independence from Spain in 1821 California became a Mexican state.

Conflict begins

James K. Polk was determined to get the California and New Mexico territories from Mexico.

Relations between the two countries were not friendly.

On April 25 1846 Mexican troops attacked Taylor's forces

A war plan

Polk planned to defeat Mexico by accomplishing three goals.

In 1847 Zachary Taylor had accomplished the first goal.

california's uprising

Even before the war begin American settlers started an uprising

On June 14, 1846 the Americans declared California independent

Peace terms

Defeated February 2, 1848 Mexicos leaders signed the Treaty if Guadalupe Hidalgo

With Oregon and the former Mexican territories under the American flag

what did america gain from the mexican war

They gained money and more land and freedom

California and utah

How did the discovery of gold help california

People from all over came to California to mine for gold, and they came to find new land.

california gold rush

Gold discovered at Sutter's Mill 1848

Americans made up 80 percent of the miners

The californios

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the war with Mexico and made Californios

the life of a forty niner

A miner found a town that was called a boomtown of about 20,000 people

Most forty-niners had no experience in mining

Gold rush society

Mining camps contained men of all backgrounds but few women.

Economic and political progress

how did the california gold rush lead to the expansion of cities?

Agriculture, shipping, and trade

A religious refuge in utah

The mormons, or members were building towns with churches and all kinds of stuff in them.

The mormons move on

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was among a number of religious movements

Joseph Smith formed a communitie in New York, but neighbors disaproved

The Mormons continued to suffer persecution or mistreatment because of their beliefs.

A Haven in the Dessert

In 1847 the Mormons finally reached the Great Salt Lake.

In 1848 the United States acquired the Salt Lake area from Mexico

By 1860 there were many Mormons communities, but Utah was not easily incorporated into the United States.

why did the mormons have to keep moving from one place to another?

They had to keep moving because people kept chasing them out of towns because their religion was different.

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