Super Mex

Super Mex is a Mexican restaurant with over 14 different locations throughout Los Angeles and Orange county.

The founder Manuel Orozco and wife Socorro settled in California in the late 1950’s with the dream of starting their own restaurant that serving their native Mexican recipes.

The first Super Mex Restaurant opened in 1947 in downtown Long Beach. Since then, they created a name for themselves and been very successful.

Inside of the restaurant.

“I’ve been visiting this restaurant since I was a little kid because of the great food,” said Anthony Gonzales, 25. “I remember when my family would come to visit and when we planned to go out to eat. Super Mex was always our first idea.”

Gonzales is a Bellflower resident and is a frequent visitor of the Lakewood, CA location.

On the days Gonzales does not feel like cooking, he calls the restaurant and orders his food for takeout. His go to food item is the beef taquito plate. This item includes two taquitos, either beef or chicken, topped with lettuce, sour cream and guacamole, with beans and rice on the side.

Super Mex has a wide variety of Mexican cuisines and drinks. The menu includes 32 different combinations pates. Also includes different types of burritos, salads, fajita plates, tostadas, tacos and taquitos and flautas. The restaurant includes import and domestic beers, as well as mix drinks and shots.

Once you enter the restaurant, it looks like there is another type of building within the building. It’s the bar area designed to look as a home form a village in Mexico. In the dining area, the walls are covered with pictures of villages in Mexico and the living styles of the country. The ceiling molding is covered with authentic Mexican ribbons.

The chairs and table reminded you as if you were eating at a restaurant in Mexico. The salt and pepper were in their own corona beer shakers.

The restaurant also offers an outdoor seating. This can always be an option when the bar area or dining area are crowded or on hot summer days when you want to enjoy the sunshine.

Lunch Specials Menu; Dinner Menu; Drink Menu

“Every time I come and eat here, it reminds me of my grandma’s cooking,” said Lorena Saucedo, 30. Saucedo’s grandmother is from the Mexican state of Michoacan and came to America in the 1970’s.

Saucedo loves her grandmother’s cooking, but is not always able to have her grandma’s food due to her old age and not being able to handle much task. “Honestly, Super Mex is probably the closest thing to my grandma’s food, and that is saying a lot,” said Saucedo.

Super Mex’s slogan is, “The best salsa north of the border,” and you can have a taste of their red salsa with the complimentary chips when dining at the restaurant. The salsa is mild, but has just little kick at the end of the flavor.

Saucedo and Gonzales both are longtime customers of Super Mex, and by tasting the food you can see why.

Horchata; #23 One Cheese Enchilada, One Beef Taco, One Chile Relleno, Beans and Rice; Complimentary Chips and Salsa; Torta de Carnitas with French Fries.

The horchata that is served tasted homemade and not out of a machine. Many restaurants does not give free refills for horchata, but Super Mex does not charge for refills on the authentic Mexican drink.

The torta de carnitas is a Spanish sandwich filled with shredded pork, lettuce, avocado, beans, queso fresco, and mayonnaise. The combination plate #23 included one cheese enchilada, one chicken taco, one chile relleno, rice and beans. The beans were smashed and cooked with cheese. Chile relleno is a stuffed, roasted poblano pepper filled with cheese and covered with a batter mixed, then either pan-fried or deep-fried.

Super Mex has offers Happy Hour every day. The times and hours may vary on locations. The restaurant offers their own different types cocktails, margaritas, and mixed drinks. If you don’t like the options, you can also ask the bartender to make the type of drink you like and want if the ingredients are available. The bar area also has their own Happy Hour options and different hours that the dining area does not offer.

Saucedo describes Super Mex as one of her favorite happy hour places to drink. She said, “the maragritas here are large and have lots of liquor. Not too much where it over powers the drink, but enough to taste it. And the prices are not bad at all.”

Super Mex is a family oriented restaurant, and a nice place to catch up with friends, family, and/or loved ones.

“When I’m craving Mexican food, or just want to catch up with friends, this is my go to spot. Super Mex reminds me of all the great times I shared with family. I love this place,” said Gonzales.

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