Let's Play How to fight heart disease

Just a few ways that you can beat heart disease on your own. Anyone can do it!

To beat heart disease you need to stay fit and active this keeps your heart healthy and strong so that you can bounce back from heart disease or prevent it at altogether. Also keep up a healthy weight and BMI ratio.

When working out make sure to do exercises that work your heart. This helps you prevent heart diseseae.

Don't let stress get to you too much. Having stress makes it harder for your body to fight off infections and prevent diseases from coming in.
You need to eat healthy to beat heart disease, maintaining a healthy diet helps your heart stay strong. It lowers the risk of heart disease.
You need to get enough sleep at least 9 hours of sleep. This helps because this is the time your body fights off disease and makes mends to itself.
Avoid alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. These hurt your body making it hard to fight off heart disease
These are some steps to beat heart disease, anybody can beat it.


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