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Hi my name is Makenzie Garrett and I'm from a small town about forty five minutes away from Johnson City, TN. I was born in Bristol Tennessee and grew up here since I left for college when I was eighteen years old.


I chose East Tennessee State University to excel in my major of Mass and Communication and to be closer to my family. I'm really close with my mom, and I just knew if I moved far away from home I would have hated it. Turned out I've completely fallen in love with Johnson City, and ETSU. It's such a beautiful campus.


My major at ETSU is Mass and Communication with my minor as Visual Merchandising. This past semester I just made my mind up about going into this field of work, before I was just undecided my whole freshman and first semester of my sophomore year. I really don't know yet what I want to take as my job later on when I graduate but luckily this major has a lot of options for me to take. If my major doesn't work for me I have my visual merchandising to fall back on, I'm really into fashion right now. Also I'm a visual merchandiser at Forever 21, and I absolutely love it.


Where do I see myself in five years? Hopefully graduated from grad school and living in a big city or close to the beach with my dream job that I can support myself and my future family.

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Makenzie Garrett


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