TENC Newsletter October 2021

Dear students and parents,

As we approach a much-deserved October break, we need to thank all our amazing sixth form students who have immersed themselves so fully into their studies. It was so pleasing to see this reflected in such positive Attitude To Learning grades on your progress reports. Well done - we are proud of you!

We are now in full flow of personal statement season and many Year 13 tutors and mentors have said what successful meetings they have held with many of their tutees. The personal statement and crafting your best version is about so much more than letters on a page. I hope that every Year 13 student has asked a member of the Sixth Form Pastoral team for advice and guidance, We aim to get as many applications as possible off over the next few weeks to give you all the best opportunity possible to receive the offers you deserve.

Diary Dates

Tuesday 2nd November - Return to school

Wednesday 10th November - National Apprentice Show (virtual)

Thursday 25th November - Year 13 Parents' Evening

Friday 17th Decembers - School closes for Christmas break

Wednesday 5th January - Return to school

Virtual Open Evening

On Thursday 14th October our virtual Open Evening went live on the TENC website. Its purpose is to help parents, carers and students with the application process and introduce them to the wonderful world of TENC! If you explore our website, you will find the provisional options sheet for the school 2022-23. If you have any queries or would like to arrange a visit to one of our schools, please contact the school directly and they will be able to advise you.

This week we have seen all of our 15th October deadline applications go off early. Offers are already coming in from universities such as York and Nottingham. Exciting times for all and good luck!

Applications submitted!

On Wednesday 22nd September we took our year 12 and 13 students to Waterside campus at Northampton University for a taster day of tours, workshops and talks. Students learnt first-hand about what it means to go to university, how they teach and how students learn.

The students were fully engaged with all activities and learnt about UCAS personal statements, leadership skills, subject offers and courses at the university. This information has given them a broader knowledge of what going to university is about and has inspired many to now reconsider their post 18 choices.

The students were ambassadors for the 6th form and were praised for their team work, attentiveness and conduct.

Mrs Owen, Director of Key Stage 5 at Rushden Academy

6th Form Health and Fitness - Rushden

Over the last 2 weeks we have had our annual visits from James and Shaun, owners of Chamber Health and Wellbeing in Northampton. As ex-military, they know all about PTSD and mental health as well as fitness.

Last week they did a presentation to share their own personal journeys from being in the Army to starting their own business and the struggles they have had along the way. They also shared ways to improve resilience, determination and mental health and to encourage out students to be proactive in reaching out if they need to. This week they worked with all year 12 and some year 13 on the physical aspects of their business through a 45 minute boot camp session. It was amazing to watch all of the students being put to the challenge and taking part as a team to enjoy physical exercise.

Mrs Owen, Director of Key Stage 5

Delighted to be able to share the newly re-furbished Post-16 Centre with all students across TENC. Whilst studying on our site, all students have access to their own coffee shop, study area, computer room and break-out spaces.

Macmillan Coffee Morning Rushden Academy 6th Form

Last week our 6th form put on a cake sale and coffee morning to join in with the 'World's Largest Coffee Morning' to help raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. They did a fantastic job baking, selling and fundraising to raise awareness and much needed funds for an excellent charity. Altogether with the help of the whole school and staff they raised over £350 in cake sales, what an achievement! Well done Team Rushden! The 6th form leadership team set the school a challenge to raise over £300 and in doing so agreed to take part in an ice bucket challenge. They even managed to rope in a few members of staff too.

There is still time to donate, head to this page and feel free to join in the support.


In September, The Ferrers School opened its new 6th Form coffee shop, CuriosiTea.

Come along for a latte and a cookie! Opening times are 10.15am - 2.15pm

Super-Curricular Activities to Fill Non-Contact Time

What does Super-Curricular Mean? Super-Curricular activities involve you intellectually engaging in learning beyond your courses; exploring topics that you could be studying at university or that you may engage in as a part of a future career. These activities are highly beneficial in your learning, for your future and also allows you to stand out from your peers for those competitive courses or apprenticeships.

When could I be engaging in Super-Curricular Activities? There should never really be a time when you have ‘nothing to do’ in your non-contacts. If you have completed your homework, your pre-reading or any coursework activities you have been asked to do, you should consider how you can independently engage in ways to develop your own knowledge. Engaging in your own Super-Curricular studies is rewarding and exciting and would significantly improve your options at the end of your time in sixth form.

Super-Curricular Engagement - Why should I engage in Super-Curricular activities? Universities and apprenticeship providers see a clear value in the independence required for engaging in super-curricular studies. Super-curricular engagement involves studying above and beyond your subject areas including: specialising, digging deeper into subject areas, going beyond the curriculum and exploring topics/ideas from your future course

Where do you start? Reading lists for your preferred undergraduate courses is a great place to start finding ideas.

Where can you find resources for super-curricular studies? Open Library: Sign Up to Open Library | Open LibraryYou will need to create an account with this website and you will be able to borrow books ‘by the hour’. TIP: Focus on specific ideas. You do not need to read entire books, choose chapters that interest you

HE+: HE+ (myheplus.com)HE+ is a part of the University of Cambridge website. It is full of super-curricular opportunities written by current Cambridge students for prospective, academically able students, who could make a competitive application to Russell Groups universities. HOW you engage with super-curricular materials is possibly more important than the materials themselves. HE+ will teach you how to engage

University ‘Virtual Classrooms’ These offer a ‘taster’ of some of the topics and concepts studied on each of the courses.

Isaac Physics, Isaac Chemistry & Isaac Maths There are many specialist websites that you can explore to provide specific focus to your studies - Isaac Physics is a brilliant specialist website: Isaac Physics Isaac Chemistry and Isaac Maths are all available too: Introducing Isaac Chemistry Home | ISAAC (isaacmath.org)

Podcasts Podcasts provide a more holistic insight into subjects. Academically focused podcasts are available from many university websites, including Oxford and Cambridge.

The Conversation The Conversation is a topical news website written by academics: The Conversation: In-depth analysis, research, news and ideas from leading academics and researchers.

What do I do with the resources? What is important when I am engaging with super-curricular materials? Engage in topics and ideas that interest you and you would like to study post-18.

How you engage in the resources.  Don’t make endless lists of things you are interested in without engaging in content, don’t explore a huge number of ideas – focus the many facets of a subject of deep interest, focus your interests and explore the many aspects of the arguments or ideas presented, not just the popular perspective, keep notes, but not in too much detail that you will not be able to use them. Be organised.

Methods of record keeping, to help you in your super-curricular studies: • Keep lists of everything you do for your super-curricular studies. What did you read/watch/listen to? What chapters? Which references did you look at? What questions were raised? What interested you particularly?

Why? Encourages good reference habits before uni. Keeps you actively engaged. Allows you to practice what you are learning.

Practice writing about your new knowledge Applying your new ideas in writing, exploring alternative perspectives, helps to develop academic writing skills. Keep a diary of your thoughts. Set up a workbook to allow you to explore your ideas/thoughts, discussion groups. Present to each other your new learning. Discuss a chosen problem or topic

How will engaging in super-curricular studies benefit me? Prepares you for: Competitive UCAS applications for the best universities in the country, competitive applications for the top apprenticeship providers, [ersonal statement and cover-letter writing, interviews and academic writing, research skills and academic studies at degree level

If you have any questions about Super-Curricular engagement, speak to you Head of Sixth Form for advice.

Mrs Prince, Head of 6th Form at The Ferrers School

By Gresham College, founded in 1597, the College's 130 annual lectures and events are free and open to all. The College has been recording its lectures since the 1980s and we live stream all lectures for those unable to attend in person. There are now over 2,000 lectures freely available online on this website and on YouTube.
Please register for this event, these links should be in your unifrog interactions. https://www.nationalapprenticeshipshow.org/

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