Fun with Fractions By Katelin Hoefler

Introduction: Based off Common Core State Standards: MATH.CONTENT.4.NF.B.3.A this webpage will help you understand how to add and subtract fractions as joining and separating parts referring to the same whole.

Note: You will using the worksheet that the teacher provides for you to complete each task.

Summary of Tasks: You will be exploring 5 different resources that deal with adding and subtracting fractions.

  1. You will first watch a video on how to add and subtractions fractions with like denominators.
  2. Your next task is launching a website that will help you review for the problems at the end.
  3. Then you will have fun with fractions and play two games online.
  4. After that you will watch a video and answer problems that relate to the video.
  5. Finally you will test yourself and do 20 problems that relate to adding and subtracting fractions.

Task #1: Instructions: Watch the video below that shows you how to add & subtract fractions with common denominators.

Task #2 Instructions: visit the site below more fraction-addition. Continue to review the steps of adding fractions. Then do the problems on the last page of the site on your Worksheet under Task 3.

Task #3 Instructions: Now have some fun with Fractions and play both of these games. Note: Stick to Levels 1a & 2a!!

Task #4 Instructions: This video below will introduce the questions asked under Task 5 on your worksheet. Watch this Cooking Fraction video before answering the questions.

Task #5 Instructions: Click the below button and do 10 Review problems on each website. Write your two scores on your worksheet under Task 2.

Rubric: To access the Rubric Evaluation click on the button below

Conclusion: The goal was to help you master the skills of adding fractions with like denominators. Now, it's up to you to remember the steps you've learned and to keep on practicing!

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