TUNDRA By yours truly, the one, the only, Tyler steege


Tundras are found just below the ice caps of the Arctic, across North America, in Europe, Siberia and Asia.

Characteristics of tundra include: Extremely cold climate.

Some common plants include the bearberry, arctic moss, Caribou moss, Diamond leaf willow, Labrador Tea, Pasque Flower, and the Tufted Saxifrage.

Types of animals that live in the Tundra include, Caribu, Emine, water birds, polar bears, arctic fox, grizzly bears, squirrels, and voles, etc..

Plants also have adapted to the Arctic tundra by developing the ability to grow under a layer of snow, to carry out photosynthesis in extremely cold temperatures, and for flowering plants, to produce flowers quickly once summer begins. A small leaf structure is another physical adaptation that helps plants survive.

This biome is different from all other biomes because of it's vast, flat, treeless Arctic region of Europe, Asia, and North America in which the subsoil is permanently frozen.

Global warming is harming the environment; inparticular the Tundra. Tundra biomes are located in parts of the world such as Alaska, Northern Canada, edges of greenland, Northern Scandinavia, Northern Siberia, and Russia. One of the biggest concerns right now in the environment is climate change; and in the Tundra regions, about one-third of the worlds soil-bound carbon is in the tundra permafrost; which is not good.

Everyone can make a change and help and support by giving to the environment and community. If everyone works together by doing something good to the environment, then maybe the environment will be impacted enough so we wont have to worry about our future. The world is in danger and if we don't do something about it now, soon it will be too late.



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