AH64 And Aston Martin

The UK operates a modified version of the Apache Longbow; initially called the Westland WAH-64 Apache.
Critics rated the DB9 well, praising the car's luxurious interior and exterior design. Top Gear featured the DB9 on the show's "Cool Wall" segment, the presenters called the DB9 "too cool" for the wall and gave it its own category, dubbed the "DB9 Sub Zero Fridge",
Car Design News voted the Aston Martin V8 Vantage as the best current production car design. The V8 Vantage is also one of the only two cars to be added to "The DB9 section," – a fridge reserved for the super-"cool" – on the BBC's Top Gear. In the 2005 awards, Jeremy Clarkson declared the V8 Vantage as Best Sounding Car of the Year and The Coolest Car of the Year.

The Apache is designated the AH1 by the British Army. Westland built 67 WAH-64 Apaches under license from Boeing following a competition between the Eurocopter Tiger and the Apache for the British Army's new Attack Helicopter in 1995.

Access to the cockpit of an operational AH64 requires special clearance from the security services.

"Don't press the red button"
Important deviations made by Agusta Westland from the U.S. Apache variants include changing to more powerful Rolls-Royce engines and the addition of a folding blade assembly for use on naval ships.
Beauty and the beast.
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