Sage Production Portfolio

My Mission

Aiming to meet ends, I focus my work on precise cuts to music. Building my creativity in how things are positioned and angled. These videos aren't for only my enjoyment but for yours, the viewer. Inspired by 88rising; Casey Neistat and Crea Tyler, great aesthetics is a must. Giving mellow vibes, hoping you catch the wave with me and enjoy the ride.

My Work

This video me and my partner shot was very fun to create. We actually filmed and edited this with in a matter of days. I really like how we had the luck of having people in the background. Having their action present filled in all of the empty space. We were inspired by simple, appealing b-roll type footage.

This video is one of my favorites. I'm really inspired by VICE, and filming a documentary was sort of out of my element even though it seems simple. With asking the right questions the responses we got were perfect.

This public service announcement was created with passion. The simplicity of the message has a bold statement. Me and my partners created this video out of wanting to actually make a change to a real world issue. After filming this video I can honestly say that I watch where mine and other peoples trash ends up.

Therapy is a video about a student who was suffering from depression by the prescription drugs he would take. He would stroll around his school alone for the most part. You then see him in therapy trying to better himself. This was inspired by the thought of a drama film showing intimate shots of our subject feeling his social anxiety and awkwardness.

This video was inspired by irony. Wondering where something went but you still have it. I wanted to create something that people could relate to. We all have been in a situation where we thought we lost something but it's right in front of our faces. It was a little difficult focusing on only using two angles to film the conversations of the talents. But as you can see we tried our best to make things work,

My Experience

While having Daniel as a partner for the past semester I learned that he is a little more shy and passive. He gives great input but he keeps it minimal and simple. He's a very nice person, a great partner and is great behind the camera and with managing the shot gun mic.


Through this class I've learned a lot about filming. I learned more than I could imagine. I learned about different camera angles, how to set up for a shoot, write a script and edit footage using Adobe Premiere. Through this class I learned that filming is something I really like and want to do in the future. I really wish I could have had more time to perfect my videos. I also need to become more aware of what I'm doing while filming. I need to become more aware of my surroundings and lighting (natural). Working on my script writing skills would be great too. This class has opened a door of thought and opportunity to me. I'm extremely happy that i decided to take this class.


All videos created by me. Photo also by me

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