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My very first building, commissioned by @conlan. Neons, cyberpunk and Blade runner were the ingredients asked by the landowner who wanted a 2 floors art gallery in a very small parcel. Discovered that it was possible to place elements outside of the building walls, then madness began. This Gangnam style is just what I needed, there's never too much details or colors with such a place. My favorite building for sentimental reasons.

Here, an exorbitant but limited edition kinda cool postcard

The Rendar Gallery

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Second commission, this time by the Rendar team, another art gallery but the concept was New York in the 90's. They wanted a small dark street on the side and a typical NYC metal stairs outside the building. This little street also connect to the second building that was made later by another builder.

As they did not want any signature on the building, I started placing things like voxel pigeons and an animated cat silhouette that are since on all of my build somewhere.

Here, a costly but limited edition good looking souvenir

The Villa Straylight

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Description inc.

Big budget limited edition digital art that looks good and smells nice

TwistedVacancy's Room
Alotta Money's Room
Xcopy's Hall
Coldie's Room

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