League of Denial by mark fainaru-wada, steve fainaru

the book contains 399 pages. The story begins with Mike Webster, an iconic football player, and his descent to madness after his retirement, to the the point he had to electrocute himself to sleep. After his young death and autopsy, the coroner found his brain to be damaged much more than should be possible, causing him to dissect several more dead football players, to discover than nearly all of them have terrible brain damage from repeating concussions. A condition he Labeled CTE, which is received by repeat concussions. The NFL did not like this finding, and made its own brain research committee, which was led by a rheumatologist who specialized in arthritis. they began making papers that basically boiled down to, don't worry, be happy, concussions have no lasting damage when given time to heal, and even then NFL players CAN'T receive concussions. This ticked off a lot of people, and ended up causing a scientific war between the NFL and those who were against it, with the NFL requiring a very long time to begin seeing reason, and even longer to act on it in any reasonable way.

I really liked this book, it went into depth about anything and everything they could get, going so far as having many quotes from interviews for the editor of the medical journal that the NFL's papers were published in. It was sort of terrifying to hear these stories of football players insanity, with them not even able to form complete sentences.

NFL, "show us the studies, there are no studies.". "marked not only the first but also the last time anyone from the NFL has publicly acknowledged the connection between football and brain damage.". How much force a tackle is, "the figure gay arrived on was 1,875 unites of KE,.... a .357 magnum round has about 300". interesting to think of a Nigerian tribe as mostly christian, "the Igbo are primarily christian.". "if only 10 percent of mothers in America begin to concieve of football as a dangerous game,.... that is the end,".


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