Chapter 5 Aidan rhind

Creative: Adidas Busenitz
Technical Before:
After: I changed the photo by first cropping it so the sign was centered, than I used color correcting tools to make sure the reflection in the mirror was visible. This way you can see myself in the window taking the picture. I used the crop tool, the dodge and burn tool, and the color picker/ paintbrush to fill in the edge of the sign.
Self Reflective: Symmetrical
Influential: Chris Burkard is my inspiration for my photos, as he is always on an adventure when he takes his photos. The angles he uses to take something thats been photographed a million times such as half dome, are different and creative, which is why I really like his photos.

Fierce: adjective having or displaying an intense or ferocious aggressiveness. I chose the word fierce, as I believe that many things can embody fierceness, whether it be a horse, car, human, or fire.
Thematic: This photo represents fierceness, as the lens flare and headlights make the car look angry and ready to attack. The rain in the background also makes it seem as if the car is in a fight scene in a movie.

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