Immigration Lizeth perez hernandez

Immigration- The action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country. People are being affected by this issue because it separates their family and from them being with each other and it also affects their children because once the immigration gets their family(mom and dad) they can go to adoption and that’s really hard for kids.This is a problem for my family because my mom and dad are immigrants and I don’t want them to go back to Mexico because my sister would suffer very much if they leave and I wouldn't know what to do without them.

Something that has changed is that the U.S. border is now more secure than ever because now since there trying to get rid of Mexicans they don’t want any more coming into the U.S. 50 years ago immigration was different because there was a total of 59 million people that immigrated to the U.S.A. People have experienced being taken away from their family, which I think it’s not fair.Right now in 2016-2017 the U.S. population currently stands at almost 322 million(between Mexicans and Americans).In 1965,84% were Non-Hispanic Americans,4% were Hispanic,and less than 1% were Asian but that changed in 2005:62% of Americans are white,18% of Americans are Hispanic,and Asians count as 6% now.

I think that there would be less immigrants in Texas 50 years from now because Donald Trump is taking them all away.I think Donald Trump might give them a chance because he might change his mind about them because he might see that not all immigrants are the same and even though their immigrants, Americans and Mexicans are all the same because whenever they bleed they bleed the same color.Just because their Mexicans doesn’t mean that they are horrible people.Some of them are very nice but some of them can turn out to be really bad,criminal people.I just hope that in 50 years everything clears up and that immigrants get new rights and freedoms just like Americans do.

Charlie Chaplin was an English comic strip actor,filmmaker,and composer.Charlie Chaplin actually ran afoul(against)of American politicians and immigration authorities(ICE).In May 1949, Sen. Harry Cain(R-Wash)demanded that they deported Charlie,who was a native of England .They also accused him of coming “perilously close to treason”against the United States.What he did that was so important is that he stood up for himself and for other people by sending a telegram to Cain who send it to Pablo Picasso that talked about protest. Quotes from him:1)”We think too much and feel too little”.2)”Life could be wonderful if people would leave you alone”.

Something that I can do as a young student to help immigration is that I can be part of the protest group and I can stand up for what I think is wrong and right.By standing up I mean by speaking out and letting my voice be heard.People think that just because you’re young and small you can’t do anything to change something,but I think that’s wrong because everyone has their own opinion and deserves to be heard.Something that I can also do is help immigrant kids/adults learn English. Since they come here for a better live those who learned English have a better chance living the American dream,getting a good job,and having a better live for themselves and their families.


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