Gathering Blue Kailey gembler

Exemplary Evaluation May 4

She was born on March 20, 1937 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

She published her first book in 1977

She won her first Newbery novel award in 1989

She married when she was young

She moved to new york where she went to school

She has an older sister named Helen

She has a cat

Her children grew up in maine

She grew up with he grandparents

when she lived in maine her kids were under the age of five

Her husband was in the army

She lives in Massachusetts

Her son was a fighter pilot in the United States air force

She has grandchildren

She wrote many other books

She has a little brother named Jon

She went to elementary in Pennsylvania

In sixth grade she lived in Tokyo

Her son was born in florida

Graduated from high school in New York

Went to college in Rode island

Her daughter was born in Connecticut

Went to college again in Maine

Became a professional writer after she graduated

She got what she dreamed as she was a little kid.

Connection Builder May 3

The events that happened In the book are crazy they make people do the things the government assigned to them. They choose their jobs they have to do and make them live in poverty. This is just like the government they have in Africa where the people are told what to do and how to live there life. they have no say in anything they do and have the worst life they could have. Just like the tykes in the book who have to scavenge for food. They also all live in there own trash and dirt and they don't clean.

Character Captain May 2

Word Wizard May 1

Literary Luminary April 28

Discussion Director April 26

The Council in my book is just like the government they have in japan. Also they kill the people who are crippled like they use to do with some of the indian tribe. People in many place think that people who are crippled are outcast. The council is just like empolyers they give u the jobs that you need to do. They are also like are U.S government who are like to tell them where they can and cant go.

Kiras religion is like a lot of others they believe in a god but its more like a beast and they pray to it but hunt it and kill them. But because she is crippled she is an outcast to the others in the village she never fit in anywhere and she was always the slowest person there. People always let her take the easy way out and never gave her a chance to prove herself.

Exemplary Evaluator April 25

With this people will understand why they cant have all the cripples in there community it takes up to much space. They will understand that what they are doing it with them it has a reason. But what they did with kira was wrong there was no reason for her to live.

Connection Builder April 24

The character in my book and I are similar in many different ways. One of the was is that we both have had a death in the family we both have suffered from a hard loss. Also both of are names start with a k. We also have special talents like she can seu and i can seu too. We have many things and commean and its pretty cool for me to look at her and think this person is kinda like me.

Character Caption April 21

Literary Luminary April 19

Discussion Director April18

In gathering blue the author Lois Lowry made the character kira who is a little girl who has a twisted leg. The character kira has a lot of emotions because her mother has just died and she never knew who her father was. So it makes it very hard for her to be very strong in those moments. She had to learn how to take care of herself.

She only really has one person to support her though the hole thing and that is her friend matt. He is a little kid who has no fear. He was there when her mother died and never left her side. Matt is one of her best friends she know he will always be with her. Even tho she has had to look out for him sometimes.

She was very sad after her mom died she never thought she would lose her mother. But things where changing for her she had to go to the council of edifice things changed for her. When she was put on trial she thought she was going to loose she was terrified. She felt like she was going to loose and thought she was going to die.

Exemplary Evaluator April 17

My theme is that u should never give up no madder if you are hurt and you cant do a lot of things.

Connection Builder April 13

What this book has in common with my book is that they both have very brave characters. They also have the same feeling of fear in the things they do. But why all the things they fear are happening they try to be brave. They never give up on there friends that are there to support them threw the hard times. They also knew so of the things they did would be hard for them.

Character Captain April 12


Happy, nice, sweet, and caring

has and open mind father in dead and so is mother

has a twisted leg and has very little faith in herself

when she thinks of her parents she gets sad and hurt

is a very good worker has a very important job

has a friend named matt

lives in a very strange place with weird rules

loves all things about people and always tries to be happy and kind to people

learns new things about her work every day by a lady named annabella

is scared of the beast that live in the woods

but hates all of the rules that they make her follow

Literary Lusminary April 10v

Quote- Her mother smiled in the firelight page 6 Comment- She miss her mom and she wishes she was still with her. Quote- Golds and red and brown. page 42 Comment- I think she is descriding how she saw things back before her mother died. Quote- Her mother showed her the faded places that remained of it. page 43 Comment- I think that when see see things that remind her of her mother she see things they did there. Quote- Jamison watched as she remembered. page 47 comment- he was watching as she remembered all of the things her and her mom made together.

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