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  • Nucleus, this is the center most important part it holds the cells information and controls the cells growth and reproduction so it's the most important organelle in a cell
  • Nuclear envelope, The nuclear envelope surrounds the nucleus with a double membrane it also has pores which control the passage of proteins and water ions
  • Nuclear pores, they are channels that CarrY protein they also regulate The molecules movement to the cytoplasm and to the nucleus
  • Nucleolus, this is basically the bringing of the nucleus this also contains RNA protein and the production of risbone
  • Cell membrane, The cell membrane is a membrane the surrounds the cytoplasm and closing it the function is to protect the interior of the cell
  • Cell wall, this is the the outer most layer of cells it is made up of mostly cellulose and determine tissue texture
  • Mitochondria, this is a double membrane in the cytoplasm of the cell it is responsible for the reproduction of energy


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  • Lysosomes, these are small particles that contain digestive enzymes they are found in the cytoplasm of the cell
  • Ribosomes, these are particles found in the cytoplasm these have endoplasmic reticulum they contain RNA and protein
  • Golgi apparatus, this is a organelle found in most eukaryotic cells this delivers protein into vesicles the protein arrives before the cells arrive to wherever there going
  • Vacuole, a cavity within the cytoplasm it is surrounded by a single membrane that contains fluid and food vacuole are found in plant cells
  • Endoplasmic reticulum, this has many jobs within the cell the transport of proteins the protein is carried out to the Golgi apparatus
  • Centriole, the main function is to help the formation of the spindle fibers it is located near the nucleus it divides perpendicular during mitosis
  • Cytoplasm, the cytoplasm is responsible for giving a cell its shape it also keep all the organelles in their place the cytoplasm is one of the most essential parts


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