OU Cisco ITC What we offer, and how we operate as an Instructor Training Centre

Our modus operandi

The Open University Cisco Instructor Training Centre (OUCisco) modus operandi - mode (or method) of operation differs from many other ITC models on offer within the Cisco NetAcad community. No one model is better, or worse - in the simplest of terms, this microsite aims to share our preferred approach and the impact we have enjoyed.

Free to the Teacher!

All courses we offer are free for teachers, however - this does not mean that they are free forever. We seek third party funding to present each of our 'teacher engagement' based Cisco Instructor courses at cost.

To accomplish this, all courses are large scale, MOOC based and focus on 100% remote teaching. This, way we can accomplish a greater reach and offer courses that (hopefully) fit into the exceptionally busy lives of teachers.

Currently our aim is to never charge - while alternate income or supporters exist - this will remain true.

Not on demand!

We do anticipate demand, we do gauge community demand - however, we are not an on-demand service. If you suddenly desire an instructor course in X or Y. We will not offer this. Instead, we will actively commend you to look at other Cisco ITC's.

Once we have understood where the underlying skills shortages are, and demand therefore exists. We will periodically create courses. They tend to run over longer 15+ week periods - broadly following the UK academic year.

In line with the associated graphic, we will not vend courses to your expectations. For free, we present a more strategically applicable model. Focussing on developmental enablement and longer term thinking.

Our track record!

We adapted our model, offering our first scalable 'teaching the teachers' course early 2017. Since this time, we have reached in excess of 5000+ teachers - and still growing.

In this time, we have collaborated with Cisco, the IoC and CompTIA. Each course offering different success outcomes.

In this time, we have offered multiple courses covering:

  • CCNA1v6 Introduction to Networks
  • CCNA1v7 Introduction to Networks
  • IT Essentials v7
  • CCNA2v6 Routing and Switching Essentials
  • CCNA3v7 Enterprise, Networking, Security and Automation
  • CCNA-Security v2.0
  • CCNA CyberOps v1.1

Curriculum Focus!

Our primary aim is enabling teachers - few need the top level CCNP Enterprise skills. Many require the entry point CyberSecurity, Systems Support and Network Engineering skills.

We are often 'pestered' for more advanced courses - we are not gullible and understand the motivations for these requests.

When courses are offered for free, they are presented after considerable background research and community discourse. As well as meeting the funders objectives.

Premier+ *2!

Through the priviledge of working with a much larger community. We have enjoyed receiving the first two consequtive Premier+ awards for our ITC from Cisco.

These recognise our impact, regarding both the number of teachers we are reaching. As well as the level of accreditations.

Our focus is based on ensuring that all teachers reached, gain resources, personal development and opportunities to extend their teaching experience. As well as improve what they may consider offering to their students.

Anarchy in the UK!

We are UK focussed - most of our funding directs us to support, develop and engage UK based educators. However, being an open minded team, working for a community where national borders are transparent. We are open to others participating.

This means:

  1. Our courses will always be in the GMT time zone
  2. We will offer no language choices, everything will be in English
  3. We will follow British academic standards
  4. We will follow the UK academic calendar

Our long term vision!

Our goal is to extend the offer and work with other collaboratively minded ITC's. As we develop teachers, we grow curriculum engagement and improve digital literacy and capacity within our respective economies.

If you are another ITC that wishes to work with us, learn from us and adapt your model. We are interested in helping you and giving you the supported needed.

Equally, if you are an organisation that wishes to reach and support teachers - so long as your goals are broadly egalitarian. We are open to having a discussion.

So how do you enrol?

Go to our Facebook Page and follow/like us - or sign up for our periodic newsletter then keep an eye on the inbox (do check your junk mail and trust our mailchimp spam). We will let everyone know when we have something to offer - we WILL NOT maintain any specific waiting lists - please do not ask.

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