Social Labels at TA Morgan leblanc

I explored the expectations and effects of the social label: cheerleaders

When asked what they thought about when they heard "cheerleaders" this is what people said...

“Priorities are their looks. I think that they are the ones that have the breast cancer license plates just because they are pink. They always date football players.”
“Lots of makeup, nice clothing, and always looking so put together.”
“Incredibly athletic. Typically pretty but they all look the same.”
“Loud, lots of pep, petty, and sassy”
“They have big hair that they spend too much time on. They are a little snobby”

Cheerleaders are expected to...

  • be outgoing and peppy all the time
  • be oblivious and stuck up
  • be girls
  • be super pretty
  • be popular girls
  • wear a lot of makeup and nice clothing

Effect of being a cheerleader...

  • It would most likely have a positive effect on someone due to the popularity
  • They are considered to be higher on the social ladder because they tend to be with the football players who are automatically popular so they get into the same groups of friends
  • They also tend to be really happy, positive people so they make fun people to hang out with
  • A disadvantage would be how much some people hate them
  • Another disadvantage would be feeling pressured to be either always positive or pretty or oblivious. Some cheerleaders act different around school than they wouldnat home
  • If there were to be a guy cheerleader at TA I feel like they would become looked down on because cheering isn't a very masculine sporT

I think people would call me a hick

Hicks are expected to...

  • drive a truck
  • wear flannels and boots
  • ride snowmobiles or dirt bikes
  • talk a certain “gypsy” way
  • be hard workers
  • work on a farm
  • listen to country music
  • hunt and fish
  • live in either Dayton or Arundel (for TA kids)
  • know how to fix things
  • drink

I feel pressured because...

  • I don't drink and I feel like thats the norm
  • I dont live or work on a farm
  • Sometimes I like to dress up
  • I play sports

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