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Independence Day Message From The Adjutant General

To the Soldiers, Airmen, Civilian Employees, and Families of the North Dakota National Guard, The founding documents written as a framework to our government sought to establish a land where all people can freely pursue happiness. Women and men in uniform have always been key in fighting for that goal. Members of our Armed Forces along with their families and our civilian employees sacrifice simultaneously and depend on each other to accomplish the mission. Together we celebrate victories and mourn those lost along the way. On this holiday weekend, let us all ensure we take note of these contributions and sacrifices. Freedom certainly isn't free. Safely celebrate wherever you are and whatever your duty status. Always remember those who have come before us and those currently serving at home and abroad. Thank you for all you do for the state, nation, and North Dakota National Guard. Have an excellent Independence Day!

Maj. Gen. Al Dohrmann

N.D. National Guard COVID-19 Update

Maj. Gen. Al Dohrmann spoke at Gov. Doug Burgum’s June 23 press briefing about the N.D. National Guard's efforts in the state's whole community response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The entire press briefing is at the N.D. Department of Health's Youtube site.

Bismarck Mobile Testing

The N.D. National Guard continues to assist the N.D. Department of Health and local communities with COVID-19 testing. The city of Bismarck hosted another mobile testing event at the N.D. State Capitol in Bismarck on July 1.

N.D. Guard data collectors are reflected in a COVID-19 test participant's sunglasses at the N.D. State Capitol on July 1.

Sgt. Scott Leidholm, front, and Sgt. 1st Class Eric Bender collect participants' data at the COVID-19 testing site at the N.D. State Capitol in Bismarck on July 1. Both Soldiers are members of the 1st Battalion, 188th Air Defense Artillery Regiment.

Capt. Eric Stockie promotes Nathan Hollingshead to Private First Class at a surprise promotion ceremony during COVID-19 testing mission at the N.D. State Capitol in Bismarck on July 1. Both Soldiers are assigned to 1st Battalion, 188th Air Defense Artillery Regiment.

Sgt. Scott Dockter, 1st Battalion, 188th Air Defense Artillery Regiment, works as a data collector during COVID-19 testing at the N.D. State Capitol on July 1.

Col. Brian Keller, N.D. Army National Guard State Medical Detachment, administers a COVID-19 test at the N.D. State Capitol on July 1.

COVID-19 Testing in Jamestown

COVID-19 Modeling

Lt. Tom Hansen, 81st Civil Support Team, briefed North Dakota's COVID-19 modeling efforts during a virtual Army-wide preventive medicine seminar on June 30. Hansen worked with N.D. Department of Health epidemiologists in support of the development of a pandemic predictive model which assisted in hospital surge planning, long-term health care protection efforts and how social controls within the state might affect COVID-19 infection rates.

Lt. Tom Hansen points to a powerpoint slide during a virtual Army-wide seminar on June 30.

Support to the State

Maggie Kuklok, N.D. State Dept of Health (DoH) Laboratory Microbiologist, conducts DNA extraction inside the 81st Civil Support Team's (CST) mobile laboratory in Bismarck on June 30. The CST regularly assists the DoH microbiology lab whenever maintenance at the lab limits the workers ability to perform certain tasks.

N.D. Guard Chief Promotion

Brig. Gen. Leo Ryan, N.D. National Guard Army Commander, administers the oath of office to Marie Tharpe, during her promotion to Chief Warrant Officer 3 in Bismarck on July 1. Tharpe serves as the Army Command Executive Officer for Joint Force Headquarters.

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