Gospel Adventures Part 2 Week 5

Hola! Welcome back to our Summer Family Sunday School at Our Savior Hawaii! Today, we are going to talk about the joy Jesus gives us and how we can express that joy to others! We will also meet a boy named Raoul and discover how to make a maraca!

Supplies for Today

  • 2 cups per child
  • dried rice, beans, or beads
  • tape
  • permanent markers
Let's sing our theme song!


During Passport to Peru, we’ve learned amazing things from the Bible. Joy means ultimate happiness! What an amazing gift for God to give us.

Discuss: When are times you feel joy, times you’re really happy?

But you know what’s so great about the joy God gives? It’s joy we can feel all the time, even when hard things happen.

Today’s Bible verse explains it better than I can. In Nehemiah 8:10, it says:

"...for the joy of the LORD is your strength."

How about that? Joy from the Lord can give us strength! Even when we go through hard or not-so-happy times, we can have joy from God. God loves us and will never leave us.


We’ve been learning so many amazing truths from the Bible. And we’ve been learning about new friends in Peru, too. In our videos, we’ve met Neil, Sharith, Hector, Veronica, and Miguel. Each one of our new friends has shown us special things about his or her life in Peru. Today we’ll meet Raoul. Raoul lives in a part of Peru that’s probably different from where we live. As you watch this video, look for things in Raoul’s life that bring him joy.

Discuss: What things did you see in Raoul’s life that brought him joy? What are things in your life that bring you joy?

Most of us don’t think of the desert as a place of joy, but Raoul does! Raoul loves sandboarding and he can find joy by sandboarding on those super high dunes!

LEARN ABOUT IT Surprising Sounds

Joy is something we all experience. Usually, when we’re joyful, we make some noise. So let’s think about noises for a minute.

Discuss: What is one of your favorite sounds? Why? How does it make you feel? What are some sounds you hear when you’re near the ocean?

Today, we're going to listen to some sounds on a video to experience what you might hear if you went to the ocean near the city of Lima, Peru. Without watching the video, see if you can tell what this is.

Discuss: What sound was on the video? How would you like to swim with all those sea lions? You heard all the sea lions…but what do you think it would smell like? If you went swimming with all those sea lions, you’d discover that it smells pretty yucky! Sometimes, right here in our everyday lives, we’re in the middle of things that…well, stink! Share with your family about a time in your life that just plain stunk.

MAKE IT Maracas

Let’s keep thinking about sounds. In many countries like Peru, you’ll see—or hear—an instrument called a maraca. Sometimes people use rice or beans or dried seeds. Without those, there’s no noise. An empty maraca would look the same on the outside, but wouldn’t be much fun—and wouldn’t be very useful as an instrument! You know, this week we’ve been talking about things that are inside us—things like comfort, peace, and patience. How can people tell that you have those inside you?

Things like love or peace, patience and joy—they’re not like a new haircut or pair of shoes. You can’t really see or touch them because they’re on the inside of us. But you definitely know they’re there—or when they’re not there! A little like shaking a maraca!

Let’s make noisy maracas, as reminders to let God’s gifts of comfort, patience, peace, love, and joy shout out to the people around us.

Have kids add a few spoonfuls of beans, rice, or beads to a cup. Show them how to overturn a second cup on top of the first one, so the rims of both cups line up. Let kids work together to tape the two cups together around the rim. Color them and add ribbon and stickers too if you'd like.

Let kids shake their maracas, and celebrate the noisy reminder of God’s gifts that live inside of us.


Pray: Generous God, thank you for giving us:

  • comfort when times are hard
  • patience to get through the struggle
  • peace to free our hearts
  • love that is bigger than we are
  • and joy to strengthen us.

Provide us with your grace and mercy. Give us your light. Help us share your love with others, from Hawaii to Peru. Amen.

Challenge: Where will you see God this week? Continue to see and experience God's comfort, patience, peace, love, and joy.


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