Is Canada The Best Place To Live? stefan vranjes

Can We Be Proud Of The Treatment Of The First Nations, Métis and Inuit People?

The way we treated the first nations is debatable. In the 19th century the Canadian Government thought they were responsible for educating and caring for the Aboriginal people of Canada. They thought that their chances of success in Canada would be greater if they learned English and adopt Christianity along with Canadian customs so they were put in Residential Schools to “kill the Indian” out of them. All native children when become of age attended the school against their will. Roughly 1,100 students attended 69 schools across the country. In 1931 at the peak of the school system there were 80 schools operating and a total of 130 schools in every territory and province except for Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick from the early years of the 19th century and closed in 1996 so it was not to far from present day (21 years ago). The school itself in extremely inhumane. The children went through physical, emotional and even sexual abuse without seeing family/siblings until the 10 month school period was over and by then the students lost their sense of Aboriginal culture. In my opinion I think this is sickening and that Canada should have no pride whatsoever in their actions towards the native community.

Images of the Residential Schools and the Students

In Mexico And Bangladesh Teens Are Working In Sweatshops, How Is Your Life Different In Canada?

It is not a mystery that sweatshops are in places like Mexico and Bangladesh but how is it different to my life? In places like Mexico and Bangladesh teens forced to work due to the poverty in that area and that is where sweatshops are to pay the people smaller amounts of money than they would in a developed countries. In Mexico for example sweatshops are addressed as “ Maquila” or “Maquiladora” where girls as young 12 and 13 go to work and the shifts are very long sometimes being 12 hours. If someone can’t work due to a medical issue they lose an entire weeks pay and being late longer than 15 minutes could get you without 3 days pay. Most of the time the working conditions are not good and sometimes life threatening. There has been a case of a women who worked in a sweatshop and was not given proper safety equipment and got injured. My life is a whole lot easier. I don’t have a job because I can rely on my parents for my basic needs and wants and I have a fantastic education so when I need a job in future I have a good chance of receiving a good one with a good pay as well as good working conditions.

Sweatshops in Mexico and Bangladesh

Can Climate Change, Change Canada For The Better?

Can climate change affect Canada? Studies have shown that climate change can actually benefit Canada! Surprising due the fact that it would actually cut the world’s income by 23% and spreading of heat-trapping carbon dioxide will grow damaging the planet but not so much Canada. How you ask? Well Public Professor Berkeley at the University of California states that “Climate change is essentially a massive transfer of value from the hot parts of the world to the cooler parts of the world” It is almost like turning the poor into the rich. He also says that for countries colder than places near the equator (Canada) every degree of warming helps their economy. For place like the United States, every degree slows productivity. In the 20th century the average annual temperature is 57 degrees and the hottest on record is 58.24 meaning we are at the stage where Canada’s economy is starting to receive the benefits from climate change.

Why Are More Canadians Moving From Living In A Rural Setting To Living In An Urban Setting?

Why people are moving to urban settlements? People are moving the urban settings for better opportunities and sometimes a better life. There are different urban settings like Manufacturing Cities which provide a lot jobs like Hamilton, Ontario. Transportation Hubs provide important transportation functions like in Winnipeg, Manitoba they have railways. Tourist Cities have a physical or human feature that people want to see or experience like in Niagara Falls, Ontario the view of of falls. Government Centres act as centre for government officials and can create more jobs like Ottawa, Ontario. Resource-Based Communities develop rich natural resources like fur, iron ore, oil, copper, water, fish, etc. Like Francois, Newfoundland is known for their fishing industries. Lastly Diversified Urban Centre are cities that exist and grow because they can do several needs like Toronto, Ontario

Example Of A Government Centre, A Diversified Urban Centre And A Tourist Citites


In conclusion I think Canada is the best place in the world to live. Yes Canada did treat their Aboriginal people horribly, Canada does acknowledge what they have done and they know it is wrong so they ended it and are trying to reconnect with the aboriginal people. In Canada it is very likely that you won’t be forced to work in sweatshops and will have a great life with good pay and good working conditions with a great education. Climate change will improve our economy so living here is only going to be better in the long run as well as now. We have every form of Urban setting to meet everyone’s needs so In the end I think Canada Is the greatest place to live.

Canadian Flag


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