my life through a lens Ellie Shreve

The Selfie Project

Julia Margaret Cameron Photoshoot

Portrait Photography

This is a candid portrait. I took this picture of Sam as we were walking back to the class. I consider this to be candid because Sam was caught off guard in the photo. This picture was taken around 9 am.
This is an environmental Portrait. This picture is environmental because it shows Jake at a place he can be found at most of the time. I like how the circles on bench act as a frame. I took this Photo around 9 am. We were by the benches between the gym and the art building.
This is a self portrait. Sam took this photo. This picture was taken around 9 in the morning. We were in the gallery in front of the photo shoot set up. One light was turned on and the other was not to make half the photo dark and the other half lighter.
This is a self portrait. The photograph was taken by Sam. We were in the gallery with the setup. It was around 9 in the morning. I like how the photo is blurred and at the same time I am smiling. I think the blur of the photo can show how Sam was laughing.
This photo is an environmental Portrait. I took this photo of Sam near the Library and Fossil Pit. This photo is an environmental portrait because it shows something you could see Sam typically doing, taking photos! This is an environment or setting we have taken pictures at. The picture was taken between 8:30 and 9 am.
This a candid portrait. Sam was looking at her photos that she has previously taken and I caught this picture of her off guard. I like how the moss is hanging to frame her. The picture was taken between 8:30 and 9 am by the fossil pit and library.
This photograph is formal also known as constructed. This photo is formal because the sitter was being told what to do in the photograph. I think this photo turned out really well. I like how her hair is framing her face in the portrait. This photo was taken in the gallery room at the photo shoot setup. The time of day was around 9 in the morning.
This photograph is formal, also known as constructed. This photo was constructed because Holly was told to look to the side with a serious face. I think this photograph turned out really well. The photo was taken between 8:30 to 9:00 in the morning. The photo was taken at the photo shoot setup in the gallery.

Land Art Installation Kaleidoscopes

Texture Triptychs

Monkey See, Monkey Do

selective focus on the monkey, blur in the background, and some blur in the foreground
selective focus on the monkey and branch, blur on the background
selective focus on the monkey and fence, blur on the brick
selective focus on the monkey and moss, blurred background
selective focus on the monkey and moss, blurred background

Looking for Lines

I have learned about the different types of line and what meaning each of them brings to a photograph. Zig-zag(busy,excitement and confusion), curved and circles(inviting,calm), straight(rigid,harsh,intense), thick(imposing) and thin(delicate). I have also learned how everywhere you look there are lines, lines are in everything and anything. I captured all of the line types in the photos I took. My greatest challenge was finding lines in other places than the most obvious ones that everyone was photographing. What I liked about the project was we could see how many lines really are around us in a place we are at daily. It was neat to see how looking up close at things allows you to notice line types and different patterns you didn't really think about before. If I were to do this project again I would try to find additional examples of line in places other than where I photographed.

34th Street Wall

I had a great experience at the 34th Street Wall. I really enjoyed how we each brought an object that was representative of us. I think the photographs with our own objects were more personal. I liked going to the Harn as well. However, I wish we had more time to explore and take pictures on our own or in groups. It was neat going back to the wall at a different time during the day and seeing the difference in lighting. Also, I liked getting to spray paint on the wall and take pictures by what we spray painted. I also liked getting ice cream at the end!

Everybody loves a Parade!

Scavenger Hunt

Group Shot
Something Wet
Blue Wave

I was unable to photograph everything on the scavenger hunt list. However, I did photograph a majority of the topics given. That being said, every photograph was not as successful as another and I definitely have favorites and least favorites. The photographs above are some of my favorite photos I took for this assignment. I think my most favorite photo is the Group Shot picture. I think this one was neat because I didn't expect to see the UF football team while walking around UF campus and I definitely did not expect to get a picture of a few of them waving at me. I think this picture was the most successful because it was not at all planned and in the end the photo turned out pretty good. From this activity I have learned that photos do not have to be planned out and it's really more fun when you don't know what you will find and photograph. This activity did make me think more deeply about how I take photographs because it taught me that I should take a closer look into the details of an area. By doing so you can get some really cool photographs. Overall, this scavenger hunt activity was a lot of fun and I learned a lot.

One Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Hey there! My name is Ellie! I chose this picture to describe me because of how much I love dance. I have been dancing pretty much my whole life and it is definitely one of my favorite hobbies. I train in multiple styles of dance such as ballet, pointe, modern, contemporary/lyrical, jazz and tap. This picture does not only represent how much I love dance, it represents how much I love photography. A few weeks back my mom and I decided to go around my neighborhood and take some pictures and I brought along my pointe shoes. This is just one of the many dance pictures we got from that day.
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