Boston Through a Wider Lens Communities of Color and the Narrative of Freedom

A Professional Development Workshop for Greater Boston Educators

Say the name “Boston” and chances are iconic landmarks like the Freedom Trail, Lexington and Concord, and the Bunker Hill Monument come to mind. But hidden in plain sight among this storied history are lesser-known but equally important stories of a rich and vibrant multicultural past. Boston Through a Wider Lens helps bring that past to life. This 5-day professional development workshop uses place-based learning to explore the critical roles that Boston’s Native American, African American, Asian American and Latino communities have played in every century since pre-colonial times. As a participant you will:

* Explore local landmarks that are emblematic of Boston’s Native American, African American, Asian American and Latino history

* Learn from distinguished humanities scholars about the history of each community in the larger Boston story

* Engage in rich discussion and reflection with a diverse cohort of colleagues from throughout greater Boston

* Receive coaching from experts in multicultural education on how to use what you are learning in the classroom and make it relevant to students of all backgrounds

Boston's Chinatown

When: August 5-9, 2019

Place: UMass Boston Campus, Bayside 180 Mt. Vernon Street, Boston (accessible to JFK/UMass MBTA stop) with transit provided for excursions to local landmarks.

Cost: Free tuition with a small registration fee.

Who is eligible: Middle and high school teachers of social studies, history and other humanities disciplines from any district in Greater Boston

Image Caption (right): William Monroe Trotter, cofounder of the Niagara Project which is the precursor to the NAACP and one of the most well known descendants of the Hemings Jefferson line.

Latino Community in Boston

For more information or to receive an application, contact canala@umb.edu

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