Hot Desert MOJAVE DESERT LOCATED in southeast california

Climate of the Desert in California


  • The average rainfall is 5 inches
  • The least amount of rain ever was 1.5 inches in 1986
  • The most amount of rain ever was 6.5 in 1983


  • The average temperature is 75.2 degrees fahrenheit
  • The hottest it has ever been was 134 degrees fahrenheit
  • The Coldest it has ever been was 15 degrees fahrenheit
The Mojave Desert has two distinct seasons. The wet season is from December to March and the dry season is from April to November.

Net primary Productivity

The desert covers the largest amount of the earth's land surface and gets the least amount of rainfall per year. It is the least productive biome with less than 200 Net Primary Productivity. This is very little compared to the Tropical Rain Forest's 9000 Net Primary Productivity. The average latitude for a desert to be is between 15 degrees north and 35 degrees south. The desert is not a very diverse biome because it requires very specific characteristics for survival.

Soil quality

The soil of the Mojave Desert is very poor for growing most plants. The sun is too hot and there is not enough water for most plants to be able to grow. Some warm season vegetables are able to grow in the desert climate including beans, cucumbers, and eggplants.

invasive and endangered species

invasive Red brome

The Red Brome is an invasive species of the Mojave Desert. The spread of Red Brome was accidental and spread through sticking to the clothing of people and the fur of animals. Red Brome has created a large wildfire problem in the Mojave desert due to the fact that it grows with very little precipitation and grows in large numbers.

Endangered Mohave ground SQUIRREL

The Mohave Ground Squirrel is not on the endangered species list but is a threatened species. The reason it is not on the endangered species list is because they are very elusive and counting exact population is difficult. They are endangered under the HIPPCO acronym based on the H (habitat destruction). Due to the urbanization of the Arizona and Nevada desert area the Mohave Ground Squirrels habitat is being rapidly destroyed.

common animals of the mojave desert

Mojave desert Coyote

The Mojave Desert Coyote is well fit for its environment because of its fur color is very similar to the plant life that live in the same area as it


The Desert Tortoise eats things that most species cannot like cactus. It can also store fat and water in their bodies for when they dig under ground during the warm months.

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

The Western Diamondback Rattlesnake is the same color as its environment, meaning that it blends in with it's background. It can also feel its preys heart beat so it can hunt at night when it is cooler out.

Common plants of the mojave desert

brittle bush

The Brittle Bush can survive in the hot and dry desert climate by trapping the moisture in the air with it's leaves.

mojave aster

The Mojave Aster can survive in the hot and dry desert climate by having a very short blooming season when the weather is best for pollination, after the flower blooms the plant dies until next season.

Joshua tree

The Joshua tree can survive the hot and dry desert climate due to its small leaves that allows them to lose less water to evaporation. They also have large root systems that can soak up a large amount of water.

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