Principal Report 2019 | TERM FOUR | 13 DECEMBER


We have had an amazing week this week. This week we saw our 2019 Graduation, Carols night, Solar Day, our Year 2 sleep over and the last week of our Foundation swimming program. Nothing like going out with a bang! Our final week will see our Prep breakfast, Whole School 2020 Transition (Meet your Teacher), Christmas Stall, Year 6 Big Day out and our Final end of Year Assembly! Wow, we sure know how to finish off the year.

Graduation, Carols and Solar Day, just some of the excitement of this week.

It has been an emotional week for me. I have felt extremely proud of all of our students and staff members. Graduation was sensational and highlighted how fantastic our students are. They way they presented themselves was most definitely something to be admired.

Carols the following night was also a huge success where we saw the entire junior playground area covered with a sea of students and parents. We are truly blessed to have such a fantastic team who pulls together everyone’s strengths to put on such a show.

Solar Day was also a success with Peter Kahil coming to witness all of the efforts that our students have done to spread awareness of renewable energy. Peter was extremely impress and commented on how great our students were. I was extremely impressed with the student’s level of questioning for Peter. Another great success contributed to our fantastic team of teachers.

Teachers Leaving

The end of the year often brings a bit of excitement and a bit of sadness. It’s great to start thinking of Christmas and the holidays and time with friends and family, but it’s also a time when we say goodbye to other friends and colleagues. This year we will be saying goodbye to Surbhi Raj Kumari who will be moving location and to Bridget Gibson who is expecting to be a mother, and will be starting part time at William Ruthven Primay School as their Learning Specialist. We wish all the very best for both Surbhi and Bridget. You will be sorely missed.

In 2020 we will be seeing Alyce Farrugia, Kristen Davis and Michael Hill returning and welcoming Amanda Dawson and Tristan O’Neil to our Coburg North PS family.

The following staffing structure will commence the next school year:

  • Foundation: Carmel Post, Geordie Corbet, Kathleen O’Callaghan, Nicholas Baker and Marianne Roberts
  • Year One: Sarah Jackson, Georgia McNaughton, Laura Rossi and Hannah Dallas
  • Year Two: David Bulley, Lillian Hancock, Bernadette Maxwell, Alyce Farrugia/Jacinta Fitzsimonds and Michael Hill
  • Year Three: Anna Lam, Simon Presljak, Nick Stubbings and Zoe Billing
  • Year Four: Stephanie Dimovski, Laura Mackinnon and Tristan O’Neil
  • Year Five/Six: Ben Smith, Sebastian Fitzgerald, Tamara Gray, Amanda Dawson and Courtney Jory
  • Art: Margaret Corzo and Cortney Jory
  • Music: Stephen Sharpe and Kristen Davis
  • PE: Gabby Young and Kristen Davis
  • Italian: Jackie Robertson and Sarah Tregonning

Students will be meeting their teachers this Monday, 16th December. Please note that careful consideration and planning has gone into each placement.


We are delighted to announce our success in applying for a $1,200 grant from Telstra. Telstra Kids helps kids thrive in their connected world. Our Telstra Kids grant will be used to It will help our public school so much in enabling them to learn and anything new makes them incredibly excited, thus very engaged in the project! The school has had massive construction the past 18 months and in need of new equipment, play ground equipment, anything at all for the kids really! Thank you.

Huge thanks to Stacy Evans from Telstra, who is the referrer, for applying for the funding for us. We are very excited to share in the million dollars the Telstra Foundation provides each year to help kids connect to a digital future.

What a Year

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for a sensational year. It sure has been a ride. We have built upon our strong foundation and have taken your feedback in strengthening others. Next year will be a fantastic year where we will continue our journey to greatness! Thank you to all that have made this year great.

Have yourself a very Merry Xmas, may your dreams be bright!

Monika Gruss