Create a Creature Project by: Zacary Williams

Basic Information

"Devilos Animalas" also known as Devil Fish. The Devil Fish is a fish that can grow from 1 foot to around 3 feet in length. It is black with red fins and red ears, those colors help The Devil Fish blend into the dark ocean water at the depths it lives at. The Devil Fish feeds on dead fish that lie on the bottom of the ocean floor or in the Benthic Zone. The Devil fish has razor sharp teeth which help it tearing up the dead animals it eats. The Devil fish is a lightning fast swimmer it can swim up to 100 miles per hour.

This is a captured Devil Fish who was taken into captivity and later laid to rest due to lack of oxygen.


Jellyfish found in bathypelagic zone

The Devil fish is found in the Pelagic zone most of the time but can be found in the Benthic Zone when feeding on dead fish. It is found in the Oceanic zone and Aphotic zone the Devil Fish lives at about 2500m-4000m which means it is located in the Bathypelagic Zone too. The Devil Fish being found at these depths means there is no sunlight down here which makes it perfect for the Devil Fish because that means that it can use its dark body to blend in with the dark and vast ocean. Abiotic factors where the Devil fish contain Sand, Rocks, and shells. Some Biotic factors where The Devil Fish is found are Nurse Sharks, Giant Squid, Sperm whale, and some Jelly fish.

Physical Traits, Adaptations, & Defense Strategies

This is a Giiant Squid one of the predators of the Devil Fish

The Devil Fish is a runner rather than a fighter. The Devil Fish reaches up to 100 miles per hour so it flees predators pretty quickly. However, if it feels cornered than it will attack and the predator won't leave unharmed. The Devil Fish razor sharp teeth is also used to attack enemies and can even shred them to pieces in 3 to 5 bites. The Devil Fish breathes through pores in its body which takes in water from the ocean and uses its nutrients to make oxygen for itself. It can hear predators from many miles away, also the Devil Fish has great sight and smell. These senses provide use for the Devil Fish when its trying to find prey at the bottom of the ocean or trying to see if a predator is nearby. The Devil Fish makes it hard to spot because of its dark body however it is still eaten by the Giant Squid and Sperm Whale. However, sometimes the devil fish can tear through the stomach of these predators and escape from being eaten.

Locomotion & Reproduction

The Devil Fish is a lightning fast swimmer that can avoid predators easily. This tells you that the Devil Fish is Nekton, which means it can actively maneuver throughout the water column. The Devil Fish lives in many different oceans, in fact it can be found in every ocean except for the Arctic Ocean. It can live in waters with temperatures that are greater than or equal to ten degrees fahrenheit. The Devil Fish reproduces by laying eggs in dead animal carcass'. However, there is a possibility for bottom dwellers to find the eggs and feed on them when the devil fish leaves.

The Devil Fish is an endangered species this is one of the few in captivity.
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