Old Ironside By: Oliver wendell holmes sr.

In the First three Stanzas it talks about the Ship's decommissioned flag.

The narrator notes its long service, during which it witnessed much mayhem and stood as a symbol of reassurance to those looking for it in the fray.

Also when it said that it 'shall sweep the clouds no more!' it refers to the fact that the USS Constitution was heading to the scrape yard.

In the second stanza, the narrator recounts the ship's previous glory, recalling the enemy blood spilled on her decks.

Even in the midst of hostile weather and forces, the ship never faltered and is characterized as a home to heroes and a fierce 'eagle' that is being terrorized by 'harpies.'

In the poem's closing lines, the narrator says he'd rather see the ship lost at sea with its ensign nailed to the mast than see it harassed.

USS Constitution

The ship construction of the ship started on November 1, 1794 and was finished on October 21, 1794. And it was constructed at Edward Hartt's shipyard in Boston.

The author Oliver Wendell Holmes SR made the poem "Old Ironsides" to save the USS Constitution from the scrap yard and thanks to its popularity.

The USS Constitution fought many wars such as the Quasi-War and the first Barbary war and even after being decommissioned after the Quasi-War it was recommissioned by Captain Edward Preble as his Flag ship even thought the USS Constitution wasn't in good shape. The USS Constitution also fought in the war of 1812 in which it managed to defeat many other ships such as the HMS Guerriere, HMS Java, HMS Cyane, and the HMS Levant. After the war of 1812 the USS Constitution was known as the Undefeated Old Ironsides.

But know a day's the USS Constitution is more of a museum then a full fledged battleship

The creator of the poem "Old Ironsides" was a man named Oliver Wendell Holmes who was born Cambridge, Massachusetts who grow up to be brilliant who was well known for his witty lectures at Harvard.

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