Raccoons Are Beasts! By: Niland DiLuchio


Usually when people think of raccoons they think of the gross animals that just go through your trash and eat everything. But they are actually very cute animals that are Olympic swimmers. In the video below, it shows extraordinary teamwork by these creatures. If you want to learn more, click on the link to nationalgeographic.com with the quote.

Below, is the quote that will take you to nationalgeographic.com where you will find all the information you need on raccoons.

Below in the picture shows that raccoons sleep together so that they can keep warm while they get their rest.

What fascinates me most about coons is the way they find their home. Raccoons prefer fallen logs and open tree holes near the water since they love to swim. Not only does the video above show great leadership by the momma coon, but it shows how they get up the vertical trees. They use their super long and sharp paws to claw on the bark. But they also use their long and sharp paws and claws to swim down coastal marshes. Like I said in the introduction, they can be Olympic swimmers just like Michael Phelps. You also need to watch out in your pool because you never know when a fuzzy creature is taking a dip in your pool.
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Niland D


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