Daily Schedule

Day 1 -Saturday 27

Phone Numbers:

Brother Poulsen- 435-896-3825

Brother Holland- 801-859-5169

Brother Leatherwood- 801-518-8111

Meet at Richfield High School at 2:00pm

1 hour ... be on the bus @5:56

Drive to Las Vegas

Don't Forget To Share The Gospel-Also Press The Button Below For Guidelines That Will Keep You Safe...

Day 2- Sunday 28



New York

Devotional Format:



Scripture (s) share

Study Guide Share

Missionary Momments

Parent Text....

Study and Journal Time 20

Instagram link:- ldslibertytours

Battery Park

Breakfast will be at Battery Park


Times Square

Lunch will be on your own at Times Square

Travel to Philly

Day 3- Monday 29

Washington DC and Arlington

Pickup will be at the Lincoln Memorial at 3:00.. Remember to wear name tags...

Seating Chart Monday

These individuals will be responsible for the devotional on each bus... see the format above for devotional. You can use you scriptures, thoughts out of the study guide, etc...

Devotional: If you are sitting in seats 5,6,7,8... you will prepare the devotional for each bus. There will also be time for a scripture share and missionary moment for the entire bus... There will be journal time tomorrow also...

Click on Monday's instructions for more detail for DC.... Reviiew the D.C. Link below and become familiar with the area you will be seeing tomorrow...

Day 4- Tuesday 30


Section 136:

33 For my Spirit is sent forth into the world to enlighten the humble and contrite, and to the condemnation of the ungodly.

34 Thy brethren have rejected you and your testimony, even the nation that has driven you out;

35 And now cometh the day of their calamity, even the days of sorrow, like a woman that is taken in travail; and their sorrow shall be great unless they speedily repent, yea, very speedily.

36 For they killed the prophets, and them that were sent unto them; and they have shed innocent blood, which crieth from the ground against them.

General Picketts


Day 5- Wednesday 31

Sacred Grove

Niagara Falls

Day 9- Sunday 4


Morley Farm


John Johnson Farm

Day 10- Monday 5

Cedar Point Roller Coaster Capital of the World

Day 11- Tuesday 6

Amish Meal

Notre Dame

Day 12- Wednesday 7

Baptisms Nauvoo


Day 13- Thursday 8



Far West

Hawn's Mill

Liberty Jail

Alexander Doniphan

Day 14- Friday 10

Temple Lot

Community of Christ Temple

LDS Visitor Center



Winter Quarters

Day 15- Satuday 11

Day 16- Sunday 12

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