Yellowstone National Park Mikhail Schoonhoven-Hussain

Welcome to yellowstone national park

Visitors come to Yellowstone to see geysers, hot springs, wildlife, and many other glorious land forms. There are many facts about Yellowstone and things to do in the park. Yellowstone includes Old Faithful, Steamboat, Giant, Giantess, Mammoth Hot Springs, and beautiful scenery. It is one of the most breath taking views in all of the U.S.

In the top left is the old faithful geyser, in the top right is the steamboat geyser, and the bottom are Grizzly bears.

Location Details

Yellowstone is 2,219,791 acres of land in Northwestern U.S.A, that includes Northwest Wyoming, Western Idaho, and Southwestern Montana.Yellowstone is located in the Rockies on a volcanic basin that had several gigantic eruptions. All because of the volcanic basin Yellowstone has geysers, hot springs, and some land forms that were made by the molten lava.

A map of Yellowstone.

There are other land forms not caused by lava such as waterfalls and canyons. There are 10,000 hot springs, vents, and mud pots that show that there is still volcanic activity. Half the geysers in the world are located in Yellowstone totaling to 300 geysers. Yellowstone is a national park so it is one of the biggest animal sanctuaries in the world and is one third bigger than Delaware. It is a wonderful place to visit.

Top left are hot springs, top right is a waterfall, and the bottom is a geographical picture of the volcano.

Historical Information

For 10,000 years Yellowstone was used and had human habitation. In 1872, Yellowstone was declared an official national park due to the Organic Act. Yellowstone was designated in 1976 as an International Biosphere Reserve and in 1978 it was designated as a Heritage Site. Yellowstone's headquarters have been the Yellowstone Fort since 1918. Also, in 1995 Yellowstone was recruited to repopulate the Gray Wolf by the Federal Government and Wildlife Service because the Gray Wolf had not been seen for 60 years in the region. Yellowstone went through a lot to make it to today.

Yellowstone Wildfire

In 1988 the Yellowstone Wildfire burned down 36% of the park. The park welcomed the guests so they could see nature rebuild itself. The ash fertilized the soil, so animal and plant life bounced back quickly.

President roosevelt's Visit

The Roosevelt Arch is the grand entrance of Yellowstone. While it was being built President Roosevelt visited the park in 1903.

This is a window of flyfishing.

Things to do

Every year Yellowstone has 3 million visitors. People come to see the famous geysers, hot springs,mud volcanoes, waterfalls, canyons, and cliffs. While your at the hot springs there are decks set up so you can see the hot springs up close. When you stay there you can camp, but it is so busy a reservation needs to be make weeks before or you can stay at a lodge. If you are going camping you can go fly fishing in a fresh water stream, river, or lake. In the winter you can go snow shoeing on the trails.

People going snow shoeing.



The animals that are in Yellowstone are bison, grizzly bears, elk, bighorns, coyotes, lynx, bobcats, pumas, moose, beaver, wolves, and birds. The largest of the animals is the large bull bison which is the background. The large bull bison is 2,500 pounds.


The trees that Yellowstone has are Lodgepole pines, Douglas fir, Subalpine fir, Englemann spruce, Blue spruce, and Whitebark pine. Lodgepole pines is the background and the most common. It covers 80% of the park.

You are now leaving Yellowstone

Yellowstone is a beautiful place. When you go there you never want to leave. This area has gone through a lot to become available for our viewing pleasure. I hope it is never forced to close.

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