Sasha And The Spark By pam pollack and meg belviso

Sasha is a girl than she make a app for help people to find a match, she use the app with her friends first for help them to get a good match and than when she was helping to her friends she try to help one of her other friend to get a girl for be a match but the friend don't want because he love her but she don't know that, she love to other boy and he don'know, her friend don't tell her nothing so other boy was new in these school and he tell her for a video than he love her.

I like when the new boy sen her a video tell her than he love her and they get a match.


Created with images by tdlucas5000 - "Valentine's Roses" • FirmBee - "office tax business" • Bessi - "model arsa aroni"

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