And We Stay BY:Jenny Hubbard; Review: Marisol Guzman-Simon

Personal Summary

All a girl wanted was love from a boyfriend but only got the death of a boy. Her whole life changed after that day, she didn't want to make friends, no more boys, no more happiness. Guilt. She felt like if it were her fault but could do anything to change that past. Only move forward and move to another place. Emily Beam goes to a boarding school to try to begin a new life. Where everyone questions of her background.

These pictures represent the thoughts that Emily Beam went though. Her feelings now are all mostly gloomy which show in the picture because of the filters

What Others Are Saying

"Emily Beam's blossoming poetic talent lifts her from a winter slashed with tragedy into a green and hopeful spring. " “A gentle, lyrical story of incomprehensible sorrow faced with quiet courage.”—ELIZABETH WEIN, New York Times bestselling author

“Hubbard treats tragedy and new beginnings with a skilled, delicate hand.”—JOHN COREY WHALEY, author of Where Things Come Back, winner of the Michael L. Printz Award

"And We Stay is a little gem of a book. . . . there is certainly something for anyone looking for a good read with a strong, believable female lead who is working her hardest to overcome tragedy.”—School Library Journal, Starred

“Hubbard . . . captures perfectly the turbulence of young love, the bonds of friendship, and the push-and-pull dynamic between teens and adults.”—VOYA

Personal Review

Many people that like romantic books or somewhat of sad dramatic books would enjoy this one. You can see it as a girl book but it is open to anyone. Sometimes I feel like it related to my life in parts because of how Emily Beam thinks of others and the whole world. This book (And We Stay) is a book of depth so ages 10+ would understand it. I really liked this book because it gives flashbacks to past moments. During those flashbacks you can just imagine how everything looks like and how she is just thinking of the past but standing in the future. Jenny Hubbard did a great job of giving details and making the readers feel what Emily does. Because there is a taste of the different characteristic anyone can read this book!

Writing poems makes time move backwards, makes time move forward. Time will not stand still. - Jenny Hubbard

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