Athletics District Groundbreaking

"I am passionate about college athletics as it provides access to higher education to young women and men with God-given academic and athletic talents, many of whom are first generation. There is perhaps no greater training ground than college athletics for success in life." - Gene Smith, Senior Vice President & Wolfe Foundation Endowed Athletics Director

Athletics District Groundbreaking Video

About The Covelli Center

Built in 1956, St. John Arena is the current home of Ohio State Volleyball, Wrestling, Fencing, and Gymnastics. Since St. John Arena was designed and built over 50 years ago, the standards of competition have changed tremendously. Additionally, technology is now a necessity for teaching and coaching. The Covelli Center will meet these needs and provide a modern home for student-athletes and coaches.

The 3,700 seat arena will serve as home to seven varsity sports: volleyball, gymnastics, fencing and wrestling. In addition, it will serve as the occasional venue for women’s basketball as well as serving as the host site for local tournaments and camps.

"This facility will change the entire gameday experience for our volleyball team. From the in-venue atmosphere to the technology used in player-development, we will be among the very elite in what we can offer both current and prospective student-athletes." - Pete Hanson, Head Men's Volleyball Coach

This state-of-the-art facility allows for the greatest flexibility in the use of space by accommodating various configurations specifically designed for each competition.

The arena will serve as the training facility for Men’s and Women’s Volleyball. Coaches and teams will benefit from up-to-date locker rooms, offices, training and treatment rooms all critical to the recruitment of our student-athletes.

Included within the arena on the concourse level is the public space which includes administrative offices, the arena box office, concession areas and catering space.

Covelli Center: A Closer Look

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About the Jennings Wrestling Facility

The competition for the nation’s next student-athletes is fierce. A critical program element needed to attract the best and brightest athletes is the facilities in which they study, train and compete. As a result, the Ohio State wrestling program is in need of a new practice facility – their classroom – wherein they can train and hone their skills.

The importance of superior training facilities cannot be overstated. It’s where young men become seasoned athletes. It’s where student-athletes learn the intrinsic values of sacrifice and determination – values that are integral to achieving success beyond the sport.

"When you have a facility to the standard that this one is going to be, it screams value; it screams importance; it screams that when you come here, you are going to be treated in a first-class way." - Tom Ryan, Head Wrestling Coach

To ensure this success, the Department of Athletics is building a dedicated wrestling practice facility. The new structure will include a state-of-the-art practice facility, along with offices for coaches and student-athlete space. The facility will be located within the Athletics District, giving the student-athletes a place to call home.

With private investment in a new practice facility, coupled with the development of the Covelli Center where the wrestling team will compete, Ohio State Wrestling will have all of the key ingredients to achieve their vision of consistently competing for Big Ten and NCAA Championships.


About the Schumaker Complex

The Schumaker Student-Athlete Development Complex will provide a state-of-the-art facility for the nutritional, physical, and psychological development of student-athletes on 33 teams at Ohio State. Over 800 student-athletes will lift, condition, train, and rehabilitate injuries in the complex, while also benefiting from nutritional and mental preparation for peak performance.

This new facility will be the training “hub” for 33 Olympic sport teams. It will be located in the heart of the Athletics District and will be connected to the iconic Woody Hayes Athletic Center at the Les Wexner Football Complex.

The 108,000 sq. ft. facility will include:

  • *The Davis Foundation Sports Nutrition and Dining Center – complete with professionally trained nutritionists.
  • Sports medicine and athletic training center – complete with hydrotherapy pools, injury rehabilitation equipment and physician offices.
  • *The Gene Smith Strength and Conditioning Center – complete with all of the latest strength and conditioning equipment and biomechanics equipment.
  • Classroom space for professional development opportunities for both current and former student-athletes.

* Naming is pending approval by The Ohio State University Board of Trustees.

With the growing excellence of Ohio State Athletics, more former players – both men and women – are competing internationally, professionally and in the Olympic Games. Much in the tradition of Buckeye football, current student-athletes will have the benefit of working out alongside former Buckeye greats drawn back to train in a state-of-the-art facility.

Schumaker Complex: A Closer Look

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The Ohio State Department of Athletics would like to thank our President, Dr. Michael V. Drake as well as the members of The Ohio State University Board of Trustees for their support and facility planning efforts towards the new Covelli Center, Jennings Wrestling Facility, and the Schumaker Complex.

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