Necessity is the Mother of Invention Introducing The Graceful Comfort Booster

I have Stenosing Tenosynovitis. That’s Trigger Finger in layman speak. When I grip anything with a narrow or small circumference my middle fingers lock around it. This is especially troublesome when I am driving. My fingers lock around the steering wheel and I need my other hand to unlock them. This is definitely not a good driving maneuver.

I tried several steering wheel covers including memory foam, sheepskin and cashmere. Each of these materials compresses under a firm grip. So I started testing several theories and finally found the perfect solution in my design of the Graceful Comfort Booster. The booster surrounds the steering wheel with ½ inch of specially formulated foam and is encased in a soft microfiber fabric. I finally drive pain free. My fingers don't lock around the steering wheel and I have a comfortable firm grip.

Now I offer these boosters for sale to others who want to be liberated from their own painful grip. What has amazed me is that folks with no history of hand pain say they prefer the added cushioning and support, too.

The new Graceful Comfort Steering Wheel Booster does something no steering cover can do. It gives you the best ‘hands on’ steering experience you have ever had.

These boosters retail at $79. However, I currently offer the Graceful Comfort Booster on eBay for $59 and am promoting a special offer of 2 for $99 if you contact me at:

Check here for my eBay listing:

Enjoy the Journey, Mary Grace

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Mary Grace Barrett

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